Can netbooks download as well as laptops?

  computerdiv 10:44 03 Feb 2010

Hi all
I down load my films and music and would like to know if a netbook has any difficulty in doing this, compared to a laptop?

  MAJ 11:08 03 Feb 2010

You shouldn't have any difficulties downloading films and music using a netbook rather than a laptop. How good your downloading is depends on your internet connection and the website's hosting server speed. The size of the netbook's hard drive will dictate how much downloaded material you can store, though. Also, the fact that netbooks don't normally have a CD/DVD drive, means that it's not easy to burn your files to CD/DVD, without using an external drive.

  Peter 11:48 03 Feb 2010


As MAJ indicates your problem should not be with the actual down loading, but storage of, and transfer of, the material could be a problem. A hard drive upgrade could solve the first problem. My netbook started with an 80GB hard drive, but it now has a 500GB drive. A USB External CD/DVD drive, or external hard drive, can solve the second.

You may find you have a problem trying to view the film on the netbook as the processing power can be a bit limited. My netbook has a 1.6 GHz Atom N270 processor, but a bios upgrade allows it to be switched to 2GHz when required. This setting can make a significant difference.

The main point about netbooks is portability. Also try to find one with a good batter life.


  computerdiv 11:56 03 Feb 2010

Thanks MAJ.
sorry about the double post I had an error message come up first time around and didn't think it had posted.
can you tell me which netbook is best for around £200. I've been looking at the samsung N130,Toshiba NB200-11L,compaq mini 110c and Lenovo s10e.
all very similar, very confused.
feel free to advise me to get different 1 but I don't wish to go above £230 really.

  computerdiv 12:07 03 Feb 2010

Acer Aspire One D150 bargain or not

click here

  MAJ 12:13 03 Feb 2010

Sorry computerdiv, I haven't used or viewed many netbooks, so I couldn't recommend one from personal experience.

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