Can my phone be hacked?

  Halmer 10:16 21 Feb 2003

When I was last looking at the 'Phone Book' in my Nokia phone there were approx 10 entries that mean absoloutely nothing to me such as 'KKKKKKHHHHH' with a phone number of '222'.

Where on earth have these come from.

There's only me who know my pin number so it's not my young son having a mess.

  graham 11:01 21 Feb 2003

The phones been bounced about with the keyboard unlocked?

  beastieboy 11:34 21 Feb 2003

Phones can be infected with virii.

I had a friedn whose phone did get infected with something and got a new phone back.


So if anyone knows of such a virus - please send to 078.......

Yeah right!

  Halmer 12:00 21 Feb 2003

it might be due to it being in my pocket in an unlocked position but: -

1. I always lock it (nearly always)
2. the sequence of key punches needed would have to be extraordinarily coincidental to achieve the result.

Hence I can only assume that its being done by E.T. or someone similar!

  tran1 12:06 21 Feb 2003

That has happened to me alot. I'm pretty sure there is no extraterestrial activity going on. Just the keys being pressed, maybe loose change, keys, leaning against something etc.

  Stuartli 13:50 21 Feb 2003

It's even worse when it's 999 that's dialled, especially as I lock the keyboard when the mobile is not being used...

Nines, of course, are the only ones apart from the receive call button in operation - at least on my mobile - when the keyboard is locked.

  graham 14:01 21 Feb 2003

The letters and numbers seem to be repetitive though, perhaps once the Phone Book was opened the 20 or so were all entered at the same time.

  matt5705 19:54 21 Feb 2003

its impossible to get a phone hacked hte servers stop this and it might be that the phone has been unlocked

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