Can My PC Handle New Games?

  JohnFrance 16:03 27 Dec 2006

Hey, i'll cut to the point. I have a dimesion 3100 which after i quick google i've discovered has a bad graphics card(I think). My son wishes to buy 'Company of Heroes' and i have a horrible feeling our humble Pc won't be able to run it as it requires a decent graphics card. Could somebody please clarify this for me? Thankyou.

Rgeards, John

  JohnFrance 16:19 27 Dec 2006

Also, i've heard it isn't possible to upgrade the graphics card on this machine? Is this alos true? Please! Anyone?!

  5ean 16:22 27 Dec 2006

Download and run belarc

You can print out your PC specs and compare to what is recommended on the back of the game covers.

I don't know what is currently in your PC but a 256 graphics card can be had quite cheap now (sub £50) and this will run all the latest games albeit at the lower resolutions. I have an older 256 card with an athlon XP2600 and have no trouble on games like farcry and battlefield 2142 etc.

I suspect you may need to boost memory too?

Use the scanner at the crucial website to see what it says about your system.

  5ean 16:23 27 Dec 2006

With regards to upgrading, if it is onbaord graphics then you disable it and fit the relevant graphics card into the relavant slot. AGP or PCI express.

If the MB does not have slots for them then it is a very poor system.

What does the manufacturer (dell?) website say about it?

  skidzy 16:25 27 Dec 2006

System Specs click here

If you post your system specs,we can tell you if this will run.
click here

  JohnFrance 16:28 27 Dec 2006

Well i found this on a review of my Pc;

'Not only is there no graphics card, but there’s no motherboard connector for a graphics card. The proprietary Dell motherboard has only two PCI slots and a 1x PCI-Express slot. A modem sits in one of the former. The major design flaw is that the integrated graphics connector is VGA, so it can’t make use of the LCD’s DVI connector.'

I cannot find any information on the dell as it has now been discontinued(I think i see why). Sorry, but as you've probably guessed i have very little Pc knowledge.

  skidzy 16:31 27 Dec 2006

You are correct it has been discontinued,run Belarc as advised and post back the system specs.
Match these to the first link i posted,and it will tell you if you can run the here

You may find it difficult to upgrade the Dell,unless buying from them (Dell).

  JohnFrance 16:32 27 Dec 2006

This is the grpahics system currently in place,

'Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900'

Would this be sufficent?

  ACOLYTE 16:35 27 Dec 2006

The PCI-E slot is for the graffix card,and would more than likly have a dvi connector on the card.
The fact it has only 2 PCI slots is a bit annoying
but if you dont plan on adding any new items then 2 may well be enough.

  skidzy 16:35 27 Dec 2006

Graphics may be ok,Ram we have no idea,Cpu we have no idea.....Please run Belarc and we can answer the here

  skidzy 16:37 27 Dec 2006

Sorry graphics will not be ok as they stand.

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