Can my motherboard take an XP2600+ ?

  [DELETED] 10:09 12 Sep 2003

I am thinking of upgrading my Duron 1.1ghz cpu to an XP2600+ but am not sure if it can work with my mobo which is an ECS K7S5A Pro.

Ive checked the website at click here which seems to indicate that i can but it has 133mhz atop the table, whereas the 2600+ seems to be 333mhz FSB (at least the ones on EBuyer do anyway).

Does this mean that i can or can't use it or do I need to find a 266mhz version, if available?

  [DELETED] 11:32 12 Sep 2003

It seems that your motherboard click here will accept the processor. But from what I can see there are (as you've hinted) two 2600+ processors, one with 333 fsb and one with (what I assume is) 266 fsb. Surprisingly the 266 fsb processor runs at a higher clock speed (2.13 GHz as compared with 2.08GHz for the 333 fsb processor), I suppose the difference in bus speed makes up for that. I imagine if you went for the 266 fsb processor click here it would run okay, setting your motherboard to run at 133 with a multiplier of 16 (if it goes that high) using PC2100 DDR memory.

  LastChip 11:36 12 Sep 2003

This CPU was produced in both a 233MHz AND 333MHz FSB versions.

You need to get hold of a 233MHz, which may be easier said than done.

  [DELETED] 11:39 12 Sep 2003

233, LastChip, or 266?

  LastChip 11:40 12 Sep 2003


  [DELETED] 12:10 12 Sep 2003

Anyone know where i can find one at a reasonable price or a US firm that ships to the UK without requiring a money transfer? have it for $99.99 but require a 'wire transfer' (why they can't accept credit cards i don't know)

  [DELETED] 15:32 12 Sep 2003

click here try one of these supliers of the ecs board, I contacted Microwarehouse last week to check that a AMD2600+ would work with my K7S6A Board.

They said it would but the CPU needs to be the "Thoroughbred 266" they had them in stock at £59.00 plus VAT. j.

  [DELETED] 15:37 12 Sep 2003

click here Kingdom Bottom of page is a list of several official supliers of AMD CPU's as well, give them a call. j.

  [DELETED] 18:55 12 Sep 2003

None left at any of those. Only seem available in the US

  [DELETED] 21:40 12 Sep 2003

If you can't find anymore 2600s with the 266 FSB, goe for a 2400. (This has the old Thoroughbred core, hence the faster clock; the new Barton core is rated a little slower on paper). Should find one for about £49 I think.

  [DELETED] 22:15 12 Sep 2003

buy an XP2400+, you wont notice an 80MHz drop when you are getting a 900MHz increase, a 66MHz FSB increase and a PR rating increase. If i OC my 2400+ to 2.2GHz and run it on a 440MHz FSB you can hardley tell TBH.

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