? Can a laptop keyboard be 'locked', please?

  AroundAgain 14:27 06 Nov 2011


Windows Vista

When I am using my laptop, my kittens just love to walk across the keyboard, as they do.

Is there an easy way to 'lock' the keyboard when not actually needing to type? It would be a great help, I think.


  audeal 20:37 08 Nov 2011

AroundAgain: I just came across this link and thought of you. It sounds good from the reviews.


  AroundAgain 22:09 08 Nov 2011

Hi Folks

I still haven't had time to check through the Google link sent by Buteman but have since Google'd using a variety of keywords and not come up with any keyboard shortcut for this model of notebook.

However, I eventually got through to Acer Techies and I was told there was no such keystroke. I'm still not convinced as one of my kittens managed to achieve EXACTLY what I wanted so there must actually be a combination but no-one knows it!!! ;)

@northumbria61 - yes, I do take your point ;)

Keyboard locker - robinofloxley

Pitbull screensaver? - Took me a while ;) but umm, thinking on that ...

@buteman - I checked through this and couldn't find anything that locked the keyboard

@Taff - I didn't know about that; have changed closing to 'do nothing' as that will be useful but still can't read the screen while the keyboard is locked! I do appreciate your 'being in the same shoes', though

@audeal - Although it's not quite what I had in mind, I do like it. I thought maybe using robinofloxley's suggestion (timed yesterday 9.36pm) seeing as I have now worked out what he meant - love it!!! With slide show and appropriate matching sounds might stop 'em for good!!! He! He! Actually, I think my friend could use the toddler key program!!!

So, having had all this variety of suggestions, until I (maybe) happen to discover the keystrokes, I will download Keyboard locker, as suggested by robinofloxley, and see how that works.

As I said, I have done what Taff suggested and can just close the lid if necessary. So, I will have two options.

Thank you, all, for all your help and suggestions. I have appreciated it all, and certainly the humour this thread has contained.

Cheers and thanks to you all

  [DELETED] 22:15 08 Nov 2011

They locked it up by treading on several keys at once and generated a fault.

  [DELETED] 22:15 08 Nov 2011

They locked it up by treading on several keys at once and generated a fault.

  AroundAgain 22:55 08 Nov 2011

Oh, and there was me thinking she was clever !!! ;) So, they caused a 'fault'? That's disappointing, really ... Still, will try the Keylocker download and see if that helps. Thanks, Woolwell Cheers

  northumbria61 23:10 08 Nov 2011

I think all you cat lovers should get yourselves a MAC then you can choose either a Snow Leopard or the latest Lion !!

  AroundAgain 11:52 09 Nov 2011

Umm ... think I'll go with the pitbull .... ;)

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