? Can a laptop keyboard be 'locked', please?

  AroundAgain 14:27 06 Nov 2011


Windows Vista

When I am using my laptop, my kittens just love to walk across the keyboard, as they do.

Is there an easy way to 'lock' the keyboard when not actually needing to type? It would be a great help, I think.


  birdface 14:36 06 Nov 2011
  AroundAgain 15:00 06 Nov 2011

Buteman, Thanks very much for that link. Yes, I should have 'Googled' before posting, of course!!!

I shall read the articles there. I like the WinKey + L, but then I can't continue reading what's on the screen, ie when using the PC to help me complete a crossword (poor example, I know).

So, thanks for that. Maybe I'll find what I'm looking for in there but, in the meantime, I hope someone can come up with how to just lock the keyboard, but leaving the screen open etc.

I should have said in the first post, that I have Acer Aspire 5738Z. Maybe I need to Google the model or phone Acer. I have read the manual but can't find this info.

So, keep suggestions coming, please guys ...

  robin_x 18:14 06 Nov 2011

Wrong Google search! 'keyboard locker' throws up a paid one, a free one and a howtogeek article.



  AroundAgain 21:51 06 Nov 2011


Thanks, robinofloxley, for your links. I'll certainly be reading the articles and most likely downloading this utility. However, I may just contact Acer this week, just in case there is a built in method.

I yet to check out the links in the Google link from you, Buteman, so thanks to you too.

I'll post what I eventually find to work best for me.


  AroundAgain 19:26 07 Nov 2011


Now, this will make you laugh! I assure you I couldn't have made this up!!!

I want to lock the keyboard? Yes! So, one of my kittens walked across the keyboard about 15 mins ago and, would you know it? SHE knows how to do it!!! BUT she won't tell me how!!! ;) Ha!!! Little monkey!

I could use the mouse, but absolutely no keys. The screen was unchanged. I could open and close programs, web pages etc, as long as I only used the mouse!!!

After spending ages testing out different key combinations with no success, I gave up and, with fingers crossed, re-booted! Phew, back to normal.

So, now I KNOW there is a keyboard shortcut to do just what I want to do but I'd really love to know how!!!

I have a phone number to ring for Tech help (at a cost, of course) but clearly it will be worth getting the solution to this. I'll post back when I have the keystrokes.


  Woolwell 20:28 07 Nov 2011

One of the function keys will lock the touchpad but I don't know of any combination that will lock the keyboard. When you think about it is normally undesirable as getting the laptop to work again could be difficult. There are websites with articles about Acer keyboards locking up due to faults. Having said that you could try Fn + F6 or Fn + F7.

The safest way is keep your kittens away from the laptop as they may do damage to it.

  northumbria61 21:19 07 Nov 2011

Kittens/Cats normally have 9 lives but laptops aren't always so lucky!

  robin_x 21:36 07 Nov 2011

Pitbull screensaver?

  birdface 08:58 08 Nov 2011

This could be quite handy to keep.

Never found anything for locking the keyboard mind you but you can lock the computer so don't know if that is the same thing.


  Taff™ 09:38 08 Nov 2011

Having exactly the same model laptop and two cats that love to sleep on my laptop if I leave it unattended, I know what you mean. Locking the touchpad is easy - it's the button next to it. As for the keyboard I just close the lid having set the laptop up to "Do Nothing" when I do so. (i.e. it doesn`t go to sleep, hibernate or close down) This setting is found in Advanced Power Options if I remember rightly.

Even if I do close the lid the cats still curl up on top of it!

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