Can a laptop be "connected" to desktop?

  maltose 09:25 28 Aug 2008

I often transfer data between my desktop and laptop using a memory stick as the medium.Is it possible to connect them via their USB's so that this transfer is easier and quicker.

Even further, can the laptop be used as an external hard drive for the desktop?

  oldbeefer2 09:35 28 Aug 2008

Have a look at 'Home Networking' in the XP (assuming you are using XP)Files and Settings Transfer page in Accessories. It looks as though that may do what you want.

  maltose 09:53 28 Aug 2008

Thanks oldbeefer2 for your prompt response. Your suggestion seems to require a LAN or hub set up. I was hoping for a more simple one cable plugin. Is that too pie in the sky?

  oldbeefer2 10:14 28 Aug 2008

I've used a special usb to usb cable to transfer files from an old computer to a new one. Was a bit slow, though. I'm sure those more expert than me will come up with something!

  [email protected] 10:32 28 Aug 2008

Yes. You can connet via "Crossover" Ethernet cable and enable File Sharing on each computer.
Each computer must have a different name EG: PC1 and PC2 or whatever you want to call them.
Post in the Networking forum for a better response and state the OS of both computers.

  Belatucadrus 11:23 28 Aug 2008

Or if you really want to go via USB a data tranfer cable will do it.
click here

  maltose 12:07 28 Aug 2008

thanks guys I am getting some very useful advice here.

Balatucadrus - liked the link both the pc and the laptop are windows XP will I need software (the tech. details say no software for vista but does not mention Xp)?

[email protected] if the above link does not work out i will follow your hint to go to Networking forum

Thank guys

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