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can a infected laptop infect wifi

  pineappledab 20:33 19 Jul 2015

Hey guys, dumb question... I had a family member over last night with an infected macbook. I had to connect to my WiFi via smart router provided by ISP. Anyhow, the connection required me to put my encrypted pw obviously. So my concern was after I connected the infected macbook to my WiFi with no other pc's on at the time I was able to download the proper software to free the macbook of any malware/viruses(I thought macbook were not capable of viruses, especially those written for windows). I was under the impression macbooks act as carriers for window viruses even though macs cannot be infected by such code. Main point is I have unplugged both modem and smart router since fixing family members pc using my network. Mind you, this person has no knowledge on computers and browses pron very often; rendering them vulnerable to malicious attacks. Long story short I'm afraid to reconnect my router and modem let alone connect my windows laptop to the network without concern if any malicious content(malware,Spyware,bots,etc...) may be attached to my router or modem or network somehow. Any information to put me at ease much appreciated. I am new so hello and thank you so much!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:17 19 Jul 2015

No the virus will not have infected your network as the other machines were off.

  pineappledab 21:53 19 Jul 2015

There was no other laptops connected at the time. But, what about later on. Like if u was to connect my laptop now would there be any lingering bugs awaiting the next device to connect to the router? I want to cancel out any vulnerability issue. I'm sorry for asking so much

  daxian 23:43 19 Jul 2015

there is no virus that can infect a router you are safe !

  robin_x 11:36 20 Jul 2015

You should be backing up your home computers regularly anyway.

But rebuilding and reinstalling systems and files, is often inconvenient and fills many with horror.

A much better idea is just to copy the working and uninfected contents of the whole drive to another drive (usually a USB External HDD)

These are known as System Images

In the event of problems, it is often easier to just restore a recent Image and overwrite everything

Macrium Reflect Free is a convenient way of doing this

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