Can I write to my CD drive in DOS?

  Newuser3068 12:32 19 Jan 2005

I cannot get Windows XP to recognise my combined DVD/CD-R drive. I'm told by the supplier's technical helpline that the drive is still available outside of Windows (DOS recognises it), and they're going to have to talk me through reinstalling Windows. But of course I have to back up all my data before they do this - and I don't have a CD-R drive to back it up to! (There's far too much data for floppies).

Is it possible to backup my data files to a CD within DOS? I am familiar with the basic DOS structure and commands like "copy", but I don't know whether I can simply use a CD-R like another drive: copy to it to backup and then copy from it back to the hard drive after reinstallation.
Any advice please?

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 11:54 20 Jan 2005
  Chezdez 12:01 20 Jan 2005

hmmmm, i suppose it is possibe.... but!

it will require some pretty in depth knowledge of DOS and the commands.

you neeed to load up your burning program, need to know the location of the temp folder where your burning software puts all the files before it burns them. then you need to move all the files you need burning into this folder, which means knowing the EXACT location of every folder/file.

you may just wanna try a repair first?

  Chezdez 12:04 20 Jan 2005

oh yeah, you also need to know the location of the drivers for the burning

just out of interest, why doesn't it recognse your drive? do you get any sort of error message? or does it just not show up? if its being recognised in BIOS, there is no reason windows shouldn't recognise it

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 12:08 20 Jan 2005

Meant to post this link, not the one above

click here

  Newuser3068 12:32 20 Jan 2005

Thanks for your comments - I sort of guessed that this would probably be a complex DOS procedure, and the info that Jabisfab has given me confirms this. I think it's probably too dangerous for me to attempt.

In answer to your question - I don't really understand what's happened to the drive. It shows up in Windows Explorer as my D: drive, but if I put a CD into the drive, it doesn't appear to recognise it at all. Dell ran a diagnostic with me, and found that the drive appears to be active via the BIOS. They therefore plan to reinstall the system (from the CD supplied with the computer) from that source... not a procedure that I know anything about! So that's why I'm looking for some way of backing up all my data before they do this. I could take the tower unit to my local computer shop, and they would back it up for me, but this would cost me £150!!

Any further thoughts?

  Chezdez 19:26 23 Jan 2005

get a USB flash drive?

you get them upto 1GB +, so you should have plenty of room for the essentials. plus, flash drives are infinitely useful!

  Newuser3068 19:43 23 Jan 2005

Chezdez - that's a stunning idea! I shall do it! Many thanks to all for your help.

  Chezdez 02:24 24 Jan 2005

well, i try my best..... :D

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