Can I using ext USB HD backup to replace internal

  Vicmohi 23:11 16 Dec 2007

Am suspicious that my internal Hard Drive is about to fail (intermittent clicking and hanging). Have been trying to read up on backup possibilities but remain confused. Is it possible to backup my complete HD to an external USB one using Ghost or Acronis and, if so, would it be possible to actually use the external HD (image or clone ?) so as to simply continue operating my PC by using the external HD instead of the internal one in the event that this latter gives up completely ?
I lost all data due to a HD failure recently on another PC and don't want to repeat the experience but would prefer not to have to install a new internal HD if that can be avoided.
Is there much difference to using Ghost or Acronis and which would be recommended.


  Quiet Life 23:22 16 Dec 2007

Windows is designed not to run from an external drive. You should reconsider fitting a second drive as I believe it makes every thing so much easier and if your hardrive fails you are going to have to fit a new one anway You could then clone your first drive, or C drive, if you have it partioned to it.
I use a fee program XXclone which makes the second drive bootable and you can then boot to it to see it it is working OK.

  kjrider 00:49 17 Dec 2007

Just to mention that I had a HD fail, and was unable to access it as an external plug in USB HD on windows. On Linux (Ubuntu) it was all there, and I was able to rescue and transfer all my files.


  Vicmohi 09:16 18 Jan 2008

Just a note to say thank you for the help. Apologies for belated acknowledgement also.

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