Can I use a UATA100 HDD on a ATA66 Interface

  Zion_Lion 15:54 05 May 2004

Hi all, My aunts pc that is about 4/5 years old running WindowsME crshed big time the other week and I had to use the recovery disc to bring it back to life. The reloading of the programs that had become un-usable went ok utill i got to disc 2 of office 2000 when the system kept crashing, eventually got it loaded though. The next problem was the scanner, I could see the scanner in Device Mager but it had a yellow (!) mark on it, tried un-installing and re-installing the driver several times but could not get windows to recognise the scanner (even tried swopping usb ports with printer). Also when connected to microsoft updates it does nothing while scanning pc for updates (even auto update does not work and its set to update). I must say that I think the HDD seems to be a little bit noisy when it reads/writes (I know older drives r noisier than the ones today so not sure if its me being paranoid or not)hmmm.
So I was thinking of putting in a new drive and putting on xp for her and keeping the old drive as a slave, but the interface on her MoBo is ATA66, so could I use a UATA100 drive on her system. Her system is an Eversham with a Micro Star MS-6340 MoBo with the VIA Apollo KT133 chipset with the 686A southbridge chip that only allows ATA66 unlike the 686B southbridge chip that allows ATA100 (so I read). The HDD in the machine at the moment is a 20G samsung SV2044D ATA66, so if I could use a 40G UATA100 HDD do u think I would need to update the BIOS, the latest update on the Eversham web site for this board was in 2000 version 2.7 and the version on the pc at the mo is 2.5 (hope not coz changing bios is not my, the only other BIOS updates I found for this board were on the MSI site, but they were for socket A, whereas this board has a 462 socket??,I know that I can get XP driver updates for the rest of the hardware on the pc, so can I use a UATA100 HDD and if I can do you think I'm probably going to run into probs coz of the old system, I mean I know the systems old but it will be a shame to have to get rid of it if it could be upgraded a bit, and I know that she dont want to buy a new pc especially when it only mainly used for the internet, kids some times watch dvd's but no major 3D gaming.
Any advise/thoughts about this would be nise.
Cheers all

  AndySD 16:12 05 May 2004

yes for the ATA66 but the motherboard may not recognise the 40gig size check on the hard disk drive manufacturers website for downloads to overcome thos.

  SEASHANTY 16:14 05 May 2004

Some information on this webpage regarding this. You may be better off using a promise or maxtor PCI card with support for UATA100 or UATA133. Bios update is mentioned and also make of chipset on original M/B.
click here

  Zion_Lion 17:45 05 May 2004

Thanks for the reply chaps...AndySD do u think it would be better just to put another 20GHD in then to save probs, as there's no major downloading being done and there's always the old drive to use for storage.
Not really sure about getting a PCI controller for UATA100/UATA133 as i'm not sure how stable the older system will be??.

  sctang 17:57 05 May 2004

It'll work fine, but the hard disk will only be operating at ata66

  Zion_Lion 13:01 06 May 2004

Thanks for your info chaps, new hard drive coming

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