Can I use a Sony Viao wi-fi in USA?

  RamUK 22:29 18 Aug 2005

I bought a Sony Vaio S4M today after being assured that it would work just fine in the US where I am due to be moving to early 06. On getting it home I notice that it says on the box Wireless LAN only suitable for these countries. There is a great list but US, USA, Unites States, Big Place Over Pond or anything similar is not there.
Do they operate on a different system because this is an integral reason for me buying it in the first place. Currently it runs 802.11bg.#

PS I know, I know, I should have known better, I got it from PC World

  Totally-braindead 22:41 18 Aug 2005

You wanted a Sony so you bought a Sony. Fair enough and PC World the shop where the shop assistant told me that some computer programs will only work with Intel processors, presumably to get a sale rather than him not having a clue. Naturally he lost the sale. Went somewhere that didn't talk waffle. That aside I'm afraid I have no idea as to what frequency the Wireless LAN uses in the US but you have three choices assuming it won't work over there (the others I'm sure will know whether this bit will work or not). Get a LAN card for your new PC on the correct frequency ( I presume you can do this) and if you have to do this I'd see the guy that sold you it or connect via a standard modem presuming theres one fitted or take it back again see the guy that sold you it and tell him you bought it for the US he told you it would work and it won't so you want a refund. Not much help I know. Sorry. I'm sure the others will know the answer.

  Totally-braindead 22:57 18 Aug 2005

I've been having a quick look about heres a link to a Wireless LAN card for Sony VAIO click here and I had a look at the specification of a wireless Lan card on the Novatech site and the frequencies were the same. I wrongly assumed that the reason it wouldn't work in the US was that they were using different frequencies and obviously that is not the case, at least you know that you could buy a LAN card in the US if you got stuck.

  Totally-braindead 23:02 18 Aug 2005

Heres the Novatech link click here it appears they both use the same frequency and both conform to the same IEEE standards, so looking at that I wonder if the LAN will work or not. Sorry I'm muddying the waters here and not really helping but you got me curious. I'll disappear now and look back later to see if someone on the website has actually used a Sony laptop in the US.

  RamUK 07:35 19 Aug 2005

And trust me I will take it back and ask to speak to the lying toe rag that served me if I think it wont work.

  v1asco 12:06 19 Aug 2005

their helpline is very good, usually, and not to expensive.

Then if it is not compatible pop back to PC World and educate them, it really is a nice feeling. I have had to do it a few times.

  anchor 12:17 19 Aug 2005

Sony telephone support;

For VAIO Computers Support Queries -


Call charged at national rate

or on-line question:

click here

  RamUK 21:03 19 Aug 2005


  bremner 22:14 19 Aug 2005

I have just returned from the USA where I used my Sony Vaio laptop to connect to Hotel and public access Wi Fi systems in four cities on both coasts with no problems whatsoever.

  Forum Editor 22:55 19 Aug 2005

about lying toe rags it might be an idea to wait for someone to give you the right answer to your question - make sure of your facts. bremner's right, your computer will work perfectly in America, so you have nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, won't have to educate anyone at PC World because the advice you were given was correct.

  RamUK 14:02 20 Aug 2005

Point taken.

However, in my defense two things. Firstly I did say IF and secondly the guy also told me that the Sony warranty is a world wide one and it isn't, Sony have since confirmed this to me. So I think that at best that makes him illinformed and at worst a lying toe rag trying to get a sale.

Is that fair enough?

Bremner, thanks for that.

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