can i use second hand win xp

  Rocker 13:28 02 Sep 2003

hi can anyone tell if this is will work. my brother has got a new pc with xp. so he said i could have his upgrade copy he brought for his old pc. i was told by a frend it wont work as it all ready been used on anther pc. is this true can it onley be used on one pc.

  recap 13:58 02 Sep 2003

Yes your friend is coorect, especially if it is OEM software.

  jospar 14:14 02 Sep 2003

What happened to your brother old computer?

If he sold it and the new owner has registered it or keeps the copy on the computer then you will find that you won't be able to activate it.

But, if the computer was traded in when he brought his new one, then you might be alright.

If you know that the computer is no longer used or has another different operating system on, then you'll be alright.

My copy came from my ex-husband, he didn't like it and returned to Win ME, so I knew that it no longer exsisted on any machine. It was also an up-grade copy.

When you up-grade and activate it will tell you that it can't and contact customer services, and will give you a number to phone.

I had no problems, got through very quickly and had no question asked except what was my product key, and then I was read a very long code, which I had to write down, because my computer is in another room from the phone, once this was done I just followed the reactivation procedure and tap in the code they had given me.

If at any point you need to reinstall the operating system then you follow the activation procedure and tap in your product code, and it does it atomaticaly.


The only other hitch, that I can think of that might effect your ability to activate on your computer is weather the copy was concidered a OEM license, if this was the case this would mean that the license dies with the old computer, but it sounds unlikely.

But I would say, if you got the cd, for the os you are currently running, then back up your data, and give it a spin, they can only refuse if they think you are trying to pull a fast one.

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