Can I use a normal phone extension line with Bband

  [email protected] 14:42 23 Jul 2004

I am running BBand and currently plug into a phone socket in the wall. This is not the main socket for the BT line to come in, which is downstairs.
I am due to redocorate/rearrange upstairs and in all probability the computer will end up on the dining room table temporarily. Can I use a normal Phone extension line to connect to the main downsatirs socket or do I need a special Broad Band one? (I noticed Index sell a 5m BB one for £9.99 but I don't think 5m will reach). Once I have rearranged I will need to use an extension lead of some sort as the computer will be changing to a room with no socket , a 5m cable would then reach the nearest wall socket , so the index one would be ok then.
Also any links for cheaper manufacturers of extension cables?

  Graham ® 14:45 23 Jul 2004

A normal phone extension should be OK for broadband.

  [email protected] 14:48 23 Jul 2004

Thanks- will get a cheapie temprarily, but willprobably invest in the BB one for the permanent use afterwards. Wont tick resolved yet in case any one knows of suppliers!

  [email protected] 14:48 23 Jul 2004

temporarily even ;) !

  Graham ® 14:50 23 Jul 2004

At Wilkinsons click here

  Graham ® 14:53 23 Jul 2004

The broadband one will have different connectors, usually used if the modem is not near the computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 23 Jul 2004

Dont forget to plug in via your filter

  [email protected] 14:54 23 Jul 2004

Brilliant Graham we have a local Wilkinsons, will get one of those for the meantime and invest in BBand one after that!

  [email protected] 14:55 23 Jul 2004

FruitBat there is already a filter downstairs so that is ok isn't it?

  Smegs 14:56 23 Jul 2004

Debe, I can't answer about the extention cable, sorry.

What I did was to get some telephone cable from Wilko's and a wall socket. Took the front off the socket, that is in the master badroom, connected the phone wire from wilko's, too the bedroom socket, Just put the wire's from the bought cable exactly in with the master bedroom socket. Then, ran the cable into the loft, to the bedroom that I wanted the extention socket. Wired the socket, and of we went. Had no problems.

You will still need the filter on all Sockets.

Good Luck.

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