Can I use my XP disc to install in a new build?

  rickf 22:14 15 Sep 2008

My computer has died. Can I use the same XP Home disc to install in a totally new build? Any info will be much appreciated asap.

  DieSse 22:16 15 Sep 2008

If it's a retail version, yes you can.

If it's an OEM version, no, the licence does not allow that.

That's why retail versions cost considerably more than OEM versions

  rickf 22:22 15 Sep 2008

This disc was from a DEll comp. Is that OEM or retail then?

  DieSse 22:30 15 Sep 2008


  ventanas 22:33 15 Sep 2008

And being Dell it will be heavily customised. No chance of it working, even if it was legal, which it isn't. You must buy a retail version.

  woodchip 23:06 15 Sep 2008

This is how it works, If the XP CD is a Microsoft oem CD, yes it will work as its not tied to a Computer. But if the XP CD is a Manufacturers oem XP CD then no it will not work as the setup part of the CD as been changed to include a key that is locked to that computer

  DieSse 23:09 15 Sep 2008

But whether it works or not, the licence terms do not allow it.

  DieSse 23:14 15 Sep 2008

As a wild suggestion - why not choose now as the time to try Linux.

This is free (most versions) and includes a full Office package (most versions.) and much other application software.

My cfurrect favourite is Kiwi - which is a Ubuntu derivative. It has Firefox as it's browser, Thunderbird for email, and plays CDs and DVDs "straight out of the box" as they say.

click here

Ignore the bit about tailored for Romanian and Hungarian users - it's the bees-knees in English too.

  DieSse 23:17 15 Sep 2008

cfurrect ?? - current.

And I should have added has Open Office, which as well as being compatible with MSOffice, including the new docx format - also produces pdfs without an add-on.

And generally speaking kiss goodbye to viruses and malware.

  rickf 09:15 16 Sep 2008

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Linux is very intersting but I am fixing this for my son at Uni who is used to XP. However, it's possible that My XP disc will work. I wasn't very clear in my original posting. Although the disc is marked Dell comp, it can in fact be installed on any OEM. The European Court in Germany passed a law which said the OS cannot be tied to the manufacturer. It was installed new as a stand alone disc in a self-built w/o any probs and not in a Dell Comp as originally stated. I bought the disc ( English) in Germany.

  DieSse 11:00 16 Sep 2008

"However, it's possible that My XP disc will work."

Yes it's possible it will work.

However you would still be breaking the terms of the licence to use it that you purchased.

Whereas with Linux, you would not - you would be acting entirely legally.

Anybody that can use XP can use Linux - it's not as different as is sometimes made out. I run both on my system, and my son and grandson take pot luck on what's in use if they use my system. They've barely more than mentioned it. And bear in mind that you will get a fully functioning office suite - with XP you get nothing.

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