Can I use my Digital Camera as a Webcam?

  Bam 19:28 07 May 2003

Hi, I have a SONY (TRV20) digital Camera. Is it possible to connect it to my PC to use as a Webcam?

I currently connect it to the PC (for editing) using the firewire port.


  barrie_g 19:41 07 May 2003

"rtfm" read the full manual(or words to that effect, seriously though there should be no problems in doing so provided your using a mains adapter to do so as it will eat your batteries, but I am not familiar with this model of camera so I couldn't say for certain.

  rotormota 20:02 07 May 2003

I've just got a digital camera but it is not sold as a webcam nor does the instruction booklet say it can be used as one. Do you think I can try to set it up as a webcam? The model is an Oregon though I believe it is sold as a Packard Bell as well.

If it's possible how do I do it?


  Bam 20:21 07 May 2003

It seems to work. I just connected via the firewire port and set the camera to record made (but not actually recording) and it plays back through the pc. It works fine with messenger.

  Stuartli 20:57 07 May 2003

Many digital cameras and digicams do have a webcam facility - Fuji cameras often feature it.

But with webcams such as the excellent D-Link NetEasy 350 Pro with a proper CCD and performance equivalent to similar webcams of two or three times the price despite costing under £20, is it worth it?

You also get dedicated drivers and software for such webcams.

  rotormota 21:44 07 May 2003

I don't think I have a firewire port? My pc is a few years old.

Any ideas?


  Qmar 00:42 08 May 2003

I hope we arnt accused of hijacking Bam's thread-(well it is the same general query)
--I have the Oregon DS8228[2.1MPx] can use it to view live 'video'if you have a TV card..but the picture qual. is poor due to the fact its designed for flash-lighting.(?)

If you wanted to marry up the 'tv' output to e.g. Netmeeting or Yahoomessenger cam , you probably need more software...see thread ..
click here


  DieSse 00:47 08 May 2003

If it is possible to use your digital camera as a web-cam - it will say so in the manual. If it doesn't you can fairly safely assume you can't.

Bear in mind a web cam sends permanent running data straight through to the PC. Standard digital camera operation is totally different - namely still shots or short video clips, recorded onto media inside the camera.

  Bam 19:47 08 May 2003

Hi a couple of points:

(i) no problem with using the thread. It's all interesting stuff.

(ii) When I said digital camera, I meant DV Video Camera. Sorry.


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