can i use internet without a phone line?

  ktruffles 13:53 06 Jan 2006

I'm a nurse living in hospital accommodation, we don't have phone lines (or even tv aerials in the wall!!) and are not allowed to have them put in. I have a new philips laptop which works really well at my boyfriends and parents house using their wireless net. Is there any way i can get wireless internet where i live. I got a free vodaphone 3G connect mobile data card thing with my computer but was told at pc world its a waste of money and very expensive. please help-feeling very left out-even my nan has the internet!!Is a data card thing the only way?
thank you

  Skyver 14:08 06 Jan 2006

You can sometimes use a mobile as a (slow) modem, but as you've been informed it could be very expensive (depending on your price plan and whether the supplier differentiates between voice and data communication, eg you might get 200 minutes of free voice calls per month, but no free data transfer).
If you're not with a 3g supplier then the mobile modem is your only option but it's painfully slow.

  mgmcc 14:19 06 Jan 2006

A GSM dialup connection with a mobile phone is, as has been said, very slow at only 9.6kbps. However, much faster connections can be achieved using GPRS which should give you speeds comparable to landline dialup connections. GPRS connections can be used as "always on" connections (phone battery permitting) because you pay for the amount of data transferred, not for the time online.

  Stuartli 14:20 06 Jan 2006

>>I'm a nurse living in hospital accommodation, we don't have phone lines (or even tv aerials in the wall!!) and are not allowed to have them put in.>>

That's absolutely disgraceful.

What happens if there's an emergency as there are no phones?

  dms05 14:33 06 Jan 2006

Everyone's perfectly correct. GPRS can be VERY expensive and using your Mobile Phone VERY slow. One way to speed up your connection is to subscribe to OnSpeed click here for about £2/month. I use it for when I HAVE to use my Mobile Phone and it boosts performanced to about the same as a 56k Dial Up connection. It's the best solution I've found. If anyone has a better one I'd like to hear!

  Smegs 14:34 06 Jan 2006

click here

I think this is what your looking for. Not sure of price's.

  dms05 14:41 06 Jan 2006

Sorry Smegs but Satellite delivered Internet either needs a phone line, for 'one way' satellite Internet or very expensive equipement for 'two way satellite'. I've tried 'one way' and gave up because it was so erratic. It would cost £2k to buy 2 way equipment and cost at least £50/month.

Also in this case I'm sure a satellite dish would be out of the question!

  Hamish 14:43 06 Jan 2006

Satellite is coming down in price all the time but I can not see the hospital allowing a satellite dish. I am sure there are phones but not ones in which to plug in your laptop.

Why not visit a cyber cafe on your time off. That maybe the cheapest method even if not ideal.

Good luck and hope you get something sorted out

  Smegs 14:45 06 Jan 2006


Just a thought, that's all. I didn't read into it. I just read some, and saw "No Telephone connection needed". Never thought about a dish.

  ktruffles 20:33 06 Jan 2006

thanks for all your help eveyone, i will certainly look into everything including using my mobile somehow with my laptop.
Oh and thanks for your concern stuart, We do have one phone per floor of 22 people,but you can only phone 999 (probably quicker to run over to A+E any way)or the hospital switch board from it, and of course the hospital can get hold of you on it to badger you for extra shifts!!but you can't do anything useful with it!!
Maybe i should just buy a few nmore lottery tickets (seing as i can't get a mortgage) and will pay for the internet to be installed in all nursing accommodation across the country (of course it is included in the doctors accommodation next door already!!)

  Strawballs 22:12 06 Jan 2006

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