Can I use Hotmail in Outlook Express.

  gudda96 09:57 22 Jul 2007

Hi gang

I am set up to use my Googlemail in OE which is handy if I want to protect my personal addie.

Can I do the same with Hotmail, if so how.

  Technotiger 09:59 22 Jul 2007

Yes, just get yourself a hotmail adress.

  Technotiger 10:00 22 Jul 2007

Hi George, though I am not sure if I interpreted your question correctly.

  gudda96 10:06 22 Jul 2007


I think you did...I should have added, I am so keen on security and only give out my personal addie to friends, all else gets my HM (which I have) or my Googlemail.

A while ago, I inserted my GM to be enabled in OE as its convenient, I just need to remember to use scroll arrow so recipient receives mail from my choice.

So back to question, how do I incororate HM in OE and can I have HM and GM in oE?

  Technotiger 10:09 22 Jul 2007

VoG™ has given you the answer .... good luck.

Hope you are well! I am off out now, catch you another time.

  gudda96 10:15 22 Jul 2007

I just finished creating the HM account in OE and all was well until>>>"you cannot use HM in OE if you are using a free HM account" which I am so thata idea is dashed.

Thanks anyway.

  gudda96 13:52 22 Jul 2007

The only problem I have is that I now have to insert user/password in now to log in but before, I just had to c/o log in

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