Can I use FW 2.16 on a OEM NEC 2510A with 2.15 FW

  Longsightboy 08:04 16 Aug 2004

I have version 2.15 firmware in my NEC writer.
Has anyone updated their writer with success with the offical update?

Will I damage my writer if I use the offical firmware from NEC on my OEM drive?

I'm only asking because, in the readme file that comes with the zip file, it says:

"this Update works only with NEC ND-2510A (retail&bulk), not with OEM releases.
(OEM means part of a full PC package or external USB/FireWire variant of this burner)
For OEM products contact your dealer, distributior or manufacturer of PC/ USB package.

-You can only update from Firmwareversion 2.15.
(you can verify firmware with NERO Info Tool: click here)"

  Longsightboy 10:53 16 Aug 2004

Well, looks like I've answered my own question!

I took the leap and installed the 2.16 firmware from NEC and now, have my first succesful Dual Layer backup.

The only downside is that the burn took 39 minutes to write 7.30GB @ 2.4X, I hope 4X Dual Layer media is due out soon.

  SEASHANTY 11:12 16 Aug 2004

Probably the reason no one answered this is because so many people wreck their drives with the wrong
firmware updates or they carry out the procedure wrong. One guy posting on this forum a few months ago had wrecked his recently purchased wireless router by installing a firmware update. The motto must be in all cases either be prepared to lose your drive or - if its working correctly - then leave well alone.

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