Can I use BT HomeHub as Nas hub if on SKY?

  DazzerT 14:48 09 May 2010


I am interested in using my old BT Home hub router which has a USB connection as a NAS by connecting a drive to it.

I don't use BT any more for my internet connection but have a SKY broadband router.

I have plugged the BT Home Hub into the SKY router using an ethernet cable.

But how can I see the Home Hub on the network? What do I call up in XP to trace it. I can't see it in networks or see the attached drive in my list of drives.

I can see its wireless signal, but can I connect to two wireless signals, the HomeHub one and the SKY one for the internet?

Any help much appreciated,


  mgmcc 17:07 09 May 2010

Presumably, you were able to attach a USB external drive to the Home Hub previously when it was your main router?

If so, you need to disable the Hub's DHCP server so that, when it is connected to the Sky router, LAN port to Lan port, it will behave as a simple Network Switch or Wireless Access Point. Computers can then connect to it instead of the main router. This shouldn't really matter as the whole network will be in the same Subnet (IP address range).

You may need to use a "crossover" ethernet cable to connect the two routers.

>>> can I connect to two wireless signals, the HomeHub one and the SKY one for the internet?

This would only be possible if the PC had two Wireless Network Adapters installed.

  DazzerT 19:32 09 May 2010

Mgmcc, thanks for your very helpful message.

How do I disable the Hub's DHCP server? Would that kick in even if BT isn't providing its address allocation etc?

I tried accessing the Home hub's admin page but my net says it can't find it. Is this because the Sky broadband is clashing?

May be it doesn't see it as I need a crossover lead. I knew once, as I have one somewhere, but how do you recognise a crossover lead?

Thanks again for the help. It's very much appreciated,


  mgmcc 20:28 09 May 2010

If you go into the router's configuration pages, normally by typing its IP address into your web browser while connected to it directly by ethernet cable, there should be an option to enable/disable DHCP and a 'pool' used to allocate addresses to connected computers. This is from my D-Link router - click here

To access the Home Hub, your PC's network adapter must have an IP address in the same IP address range as the router. Forget the Sky router just now; connect the PC directly to the Home Hub with a straight-wired ethernet cable. (The "crossover" is only when connecting the two routers together.)

  100andthirty 21:46 09 May 2010

the home hub USB is USB1. It'll be very slow, and if I recall correctly, only supports FAT32 and can be tempremental.

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