Can I use an American laptop in the UK.

  crgb 18:34 24 Aug 2004

Can I use an American laptop in the UK. My daughter (who is a student in the States) has bought one that she wants to pass on to me - what are the snags?

  Totally-braindead 18:42 24 Aug 2004

The only problem I can think of is the power supply, either it would have to have a universal power supply that can take from 110v to 240v or you'd have to buy a new power supply and that could be expensive. The rest would be fairly standard though you'd have to have the programs running on US settings so the keys are different, not too much hardship if you have to type looking at the keyboard anyway as I do. Apart from that I think it would be ok, but if anything went wrong with it you might have a problem getting parts if the US comp is different from the Uk one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:42 24 Aug 2004

None, just change the keyboard to EN layout and you may need an adaptor for the power cord (£2.50).


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 24 Aug 2004

ps...the computer only runs off 14 volts and AFAIK all adaptors are 110/240.


  Totally-braindead 18:52 24 Aug 2004

Sorry Gandalf but you're wrong there, my mates got 2 laptops and the power supply runs off 220-240v, I must admit his laptops are older ones, ones about 4 years old and the others maybe 2 years old if that, perhaps all the brand new ones will accept UK and US voltages if so then theres no problem. Regarding the keyboard if crgb changes it to EN then the symbols wouldn't match the keyboard he would be better just leaving it as US so at least the keys would be right. Regardless of whether Gandalf or myself is right about the power supply all you have to do is check that the laptop you're buying will take 240v and if it will then theres no problem.

  Mikè 19:00 24 Aug 2004

click here This is what you need.

  Totally-braindead 19:03 24 Aug 2004

Well just spent the past couple of minutes checking out the Toshiba and the Dell laptop site and both of these come with power adaptors that will take 100-240v so I'm wrong and Gandalfs right again. I apologise Gandalf although I've only checked out the 2 manufacturers it does look like new laptops come with a universal power supply adaptor. So problem solved.

  Mikè 19:09 24 Aug 2004

Sometimes European equipment is 110/220v, but often U.S market products are only 110v.

  Mikè 19:11 24 Aug 2004

Should read ....110v only.

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