Can I use an ADSL Wireless Router with Cable?

  GrahamP 15:00 27 Nov 2004

I'm helping someone move from Adsl to Cable (Telewest). They are currently using a Belkin 802.11g ADSL wireless router (ie modem and router combined).

Telewest's advice and my own understanding is that this cannot be used to connect cable to the home network since the only uplink on the Router is the rj11 adsl phone connection and the cable modem will require an RJ45 connection.

Is there any way round this (aside from using ICS which would defeat the purpose)?

We are loath to shell out another £50 quid for a cable router.


  GrahamP 16:15 02 Jun 2005

We shelled out £50 for a router which will connect to either an ADSL or Cable Modem.

Take note: if you think you might ever move from an ADSL ISP to a cable ISP get a router that will connect to either. It's also generally cheaper than one with an integrated ADSL Modem.

ps I don't rule out that some ADSL routers will have cable modem (RJ45 uplink) connectors.

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