Can I use 4 core telephone cable as network cable?

  Tony1967 14:18 26 Jun 2008

I was wanting to know if it was possible to use standard 4 core telephone cable as network cable? All the rooms in my house have telephone extension boxes on the walls conected together with standard 4 core telephone cable.

I read that only 4 wires are required on a network cable so rather than run CAT5 cable round the house, could I use the redundant telehone cable instead?

  brundle 15:55 26 Jun 2008

Only if you're happy with a network running at 10-16mpbs tops. That's all 2 pair CAT3 is capable of.

  Ashrich 20:01 26 Jun 2008

"Only if you're happy with a network running at 10-16mpbs tops. That's all 2 pair CAT3 is capable of."

And that is providing you can get the wires in the correct place in the RJ45 plug ....


  Tony1967 08:31 27 Jun 2008

Thanks for the reply.

It looks like I will just have to run CAT5 cable round the house then. It was just an idea to save a bit of time as I will have to lift floorboards to lay new cable (Wife will go mental if cable is visible). I though it would be to good to be true but just thought I would check anyway.

Thanks all.

  Forum Editor 19:11 27 Jun 2008

The short answer is no.

When you run your new cable make absolutely sure that there are no kinks and that you don't pull the cable over any sharp bends - many's the amateur network installer that has come near to suicide over a non-functing network, only to find a cable kink was the cause of the trouble all along.

  jimmer409® 19:41 27 Jun 2008

why use cable at all, wifi in my opinion is the best solution, one access point linking a computer in all rooms if desired. I have use D-Link for years and would never even think of using cable.

  Tony1967 08:30 30 Jun 2008

Managed to get it all setup at home over the weekend. I now have wired network connections in most rooms, all working well(Used CAT5 cable). I do have a wireless setup (Netgear RangeMax)which worked well in our old house but after moving to a bigger and older house I have had many problems getting good connections in rooms outside of where the wireless router sits. The interior walls in the house now are thick brick walls, so not sure if this has something to do with the poor connection.

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