Can I use a 20Gig hard drive?

  Zebrapec 21:32 14 Oct 2004

I have got two 6Gig. hard drives, running WIN98. One of them has started to develope bad sections. I was thinking of transfering all my programes to the good drive and leaving the other for.... whatever. After mentioning this to a work collegue I was told 'why not buy a bigger hard drive' i.e. 20Gig. Is this possible? will it work in my computer? etc.

  Djohn 21:54 14 Oct 2004

40 GB is about the starting size of new hard drives now and a 20 GB may be hard to get old of unless its a used one.

Can't see any reason why your PC will not support a larger drive but will need more details of the age of the PC and make/model number of motherboard, also the BIOS version and date if possible.

  Eamonncw 21:59 14 Oct 2004

I`ve got an old PC with an ASUS P2B MoBo and it`s
managing quite well with a 40 Gb HDD.

  wicked willy 23:02 14 Oct 2004

If you go onto click here you will be able to locate some 20Gig Hdd and under and they are all brand New Regards Bill(wicked willy)

  Giggle n' Bits 23:46 14 Oct 2004

need to change the jumper on the drive to 32 Clip

  marjted 23:49 14 Oct 2004

Have a look at the Seagate site, they have some excellent free downloads which virtually do the installation for you.

  TomJerry 00:00 15 Oct 2004

to check if it support big HDD. Maybe you can download a bios update from motherboard maker's web site to make it support large drive.

For value for money measure, 80gb is the best. I have a friend who replace a 80gb HDD with a old PC, the old PC does not support large drive, but a bios update (flash) solved the problem

Maxtor 6Y080L0 Plus 9 80GB 7200rpm UDMA133 - OEM £35.88 click here

Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 8 40Gb ATA 133 7200rpm Disk Drive - OEM £29.22 click here

  Zebrapec 21:54 15 Oct 2004

Here is the info you requested:
Age of PC: 1998,
Bios Date: 15/07/95
Version DMI Ver-2.0
Processor 352 MHZ Intel Pentium (R)II Model 5.
Hope this is helpful.

  woodchip 22:28 15 Oct 2004

Your BIOS is may be the main factor on if you can run the Drive. I have a Win98se comp. and fitted a 200Gb drive as slave just so I could set a Partition, before fitting in a external USB2 drive box it recognised it as about 128Gb in the BIOS but after putting it back in the Box and Partitioning with Acronis it shows as the full size as per 1000Mb per Gb about 186Gb

  Djohn 03:16 16 Oct 2004

I agree with woodchip. Your specs seem fine but the BIOS is rather old [15/07/95]. I tried a google for your board but only came up with more modern boards by using the info supplied. "DMI Ver-2.0"

Do you know the make of your board or the PC? Is it a Packard-Bell or a Gateway for example? These were the most common names that google through back at me. :o(

  Mango Grummit 04:35 16 Oct 2004

Djohn's point about your BIOS date is valid (highly valid actually) but go for it anyway I reckon ...

...... then if it does not work (I think it will) post back.

(Hi J, I'll soon be a regular again at this rate Lo) I'm up getting everything sorted for the wedding tom at 11.00, then long day all day.... actually I'm here keeping out of the way, look at the time. I hate kids, specially mine and the ones they have are even worse. I'm getting short of original ideas for all these speaches.

I'll think of something in time I betcha.

Zebrapec, come back if necessary.


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