Can I use 2 internet connections at once ?

  uktab 22:23 03 Sep 2006

I've got Windows 2000 with SP 3. I have a wired ethernet connection (Nvidia nforce mpc) and a wireless card (Netgear 108mbps) which both connect to an SMC Barricade g 2804WBR (54 mbps) router. The router gets its lan connnection from a BT Voyager 205 with a 4mb line.
Can I enable the wired and wireless connections to get greater speed on the internet ?
If not, what could I do ? The wired connections on the SMC are used by 2 pcs downstairs (me and my partner), and the wireless from the same router is used by 2 pcs upstairs. This really kills my speed (I get 3 to 200kbps on average when all are running). When no-one else is connected I get 400 to 4000 kbps.
I'm starting a website & need this speed to upload large mp3s (over 100 files up to 20mb at a time).

Thank u in advance.

  ade.h 23:22 03 Sep 2006

No. You cannot have two simultaneous connections from one client. And even if you could, nothing would be gained by it. As for the contention that you experience, this pure maths; divide 1 by 4 and you get 0.25 and there's nothing that can change that. If a 4Mbit line is not fast enough, you will have to consider alternatives.

  uktab 00:10 04 Sep 2006

Is it feasible to get a 4 port router to replace the Voyager ? The 2 wired pc's could use 2 of the ports, and the 3rd could connect to the SMC.
Would this help me ?

  ade.h 13:58 04 Sep 2006

It is feasible to connect two routers together, dependent on the type of DSL line and the type of router. But what would this achieve? Nothing, because you still have contention.

  uktab 17:59 04 Sep 2006

Is there a piece of hardware (or cheap & cheerful software) that will limit certain pc's connection bandwidth ? I had a trial of Bandwidth Manager software which helped 9 times out of 10 by restricting bandwidth to the wireless pc's, but on the last trial day it cut the bandwidth of all connections!

  Aargh 20:45 04 Sep 2006

As ade.h says, its all limited by the capacity of your dsl line. The only way to maximise the connection to one pc is to limit or disconnect the others. The line is only capable of transmitting so much data, and each pc will be trying its best on your network to send data. You will have contention between the systems and everything slows down to the speed the line copes with.

Think of your network as a funnel connected to a straw, and you are pouring 4 bottles into the funnel. Either pour one bottle in at a time, or get a wider straw.

  uktab 18:46 06 Sep 2006

So what 's the cheapest \ easiest way to limit \ control bandwidth ?


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