Can I us my old email address on the new ISP?

  pienter 16:40 24 Jul 2008

On 15/02/07, ray27 asked if he could still use his NTL email address when switching to Sky broadband or would he have to change to a Sky email address
If he did have to change was there way of sending the new address to all of his old contacts in one go?
Aargh replied Yes you can...It does depend if the new ISP will allow it, and most do. For Outlook and OE, all you need to do is change your SMTP(outgoing mail) server to that of your new ISP. Leave your POP (incoming) server, and user name & password settings as for your old mail account. He quite happily used a Pipex account to check mail on a Freeserve mailbox. Later however, crossbow7 said that other companies like AOL, BT, Wanadoo/Freeserve, etc, had suspended his email addresses when he left them.
Can the forum confidently say what the position would be if I switched from Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserve broadband to Sky broadband?
In response to the second part of ray27's question, recap advised in the case of Outlook Express, that all Contacts should be added to a New Group. To do this, the Contacts folder should be opened and New/Group selected to comprise all the Contacts that you require to send an email to. When creating the new email, click on the 'To:' option and select the 'Group' from the list. What is the corresponding procedure for Outlook which doesn't appear to work with groups?

  Clapton is God 16:49 24 Jul 2008

"Can the forum confidently say what the position would be if I switched from Orange/Wanadoo/Freeserve broadband to Sky broadband?"

No, I doubt if the Forum could confidently say; but Sky would have a damn good idea if that's who you're moving to.

Have you asked them?

  BT 16:52 24 Jul 2008

I've been using a Freeserve Email via my NTL/Virgin ISP for years. You just have to refresh the account occasioaly.

  DippyGirl 16:54 24 Jul 2008

I would say its going to vary from ISP to ISP. If it isnt a web based account - which tend to be free - and after you switch you arent paying them why would they run an email account for you? Guess the way to go is ask them

  handful 16:59 24 Jul 2008

A friend moved from Virgin to Sky recently and was not able to keep his email address. I think it depends on the ISP you are leaving. If you eg have an old email address from an old dial up connection, I believe you would still be able to use this through the normal pop and smtp methodbecause this would still be valid but if the email account is linked to a broadband account that is now closed, you would probably lose it.

  Switcher 17:26 24 Jul 2008

If you close an ISP broadband account you will lose the associated email address.

  shellship 18:03 24 Jul 2008

I used to be with Lineone (now Tiscali) when on dial up. When our local guru put us on to networked broadband he chose Entanet as the BB ISP provider and this enabled both my wife and I to keep our old email addresses.

  cocteau48 18:13 24 Jul 2008

As an old freeserve customer I can reassure you that whatever email address you set up with your new ISP you will still be able to send and receive emails using your old freeserve/wanadoo/orange email address via your Orange webmail box....they will only cut you off if your address is inactive for a period of 90 days.

  pienter 21:29 24 Jul 2008

Thanks for the responses but as I feared there is no clear consensus. Cocteau48 and BT say there is no problem, however they refer to periodic refreshing of the account which makes me think that they are referring to pay-as-you-go rather than broadband. Switcher and Handful say firmly that the old mail address will be lost. Clapton-is-God suggests asking Sky but surely control of the address is held by Orange not Sky. Dippygirl suggests asking Orange (i.e.Freeserve) who are unlikely to agree to something which might encourage someone to end their account. With all the recommendations about switching ISPs why isn't there clarity about the implications?

  handful 22:26 24 Jul 2008

I think the answer lies with the ISP you are leaving and their policy. I like shellship have an old dial up lineone email address and I am virtually certain that I could still use this if I changed to Sky but my curent Tiscali broadband address would almost certainly be disconnected when I stop paying for my broadband.

  cocteau48 00:16 25 Jul 2008

My old Freeserve address was indeed from a period when I was on dial-up pay as you go account,however I am now on broadband (with TalkTalk)and can,as I said before,still send and receive Freeserve emails via the orange webmail site (using broadband)so long as it is kept active.
This is not however totally universal as my Tesco email account which I had for a short time between Freeserve and TalkTalk was disconnected as soon as I stopped my monthly payments.
Here is the link to the relevant Orange site:
click here
where you should be able to revive a suspended email account with them even if you do go over the 90 days.

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