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Can I upgrade to Windows 10?

  stlucia2 21:28 29 Jan 2016

I have an HP PC with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4600+, 3.0GB RAM, an ATI Radeon HD3450, and a 500GB and 1TB HDD with a total of 900GB free space between the two disks. I'm currently running Windows XP, which I know is no longer supported by MS. Now I'm getting messages that Google Chrome will shortly be ending its support too.

So, what are my options, please? Obviously, since everything's still working, I can just continue without support, but I suspect I'd be better off updating my OS so that I can benefit from new features, and better compatibility with modern web sites and software.

  robin_x 13:48 12 Feb 2016

Image also means everything in one or more drive Partitions.

This is my selection in Macrium

It is not just a user-specified File/Folder Backup

  robin_x 13:51 12 Feb 2016

C: is not enough. Must be at least your boot partition (System Reserved) and C: for Windows and some of your stuff.

If you have other partitions, it's best to include them.

If you only have System Reserved and C:, that's fine.

  stlucia2 14:01 12 Feb 2016

OK, so where exactly is the boot partition? Acronis only shows my physical drives (C:\, D:\, E:\ etc.) when I'm selecting what to backup -- no "System reserve" like in your example.

  robin_x 14:18 12 Feb 2016

Sorry, sometimes System Reserved is not created when Windows is first installed.

In that case, C: is designated as Active and Boot and all the necessary boot files are stored on C: instead.

For most people that's fine too.


One thing you can't do, should you want, is run BitLocker drive encryption. It only works if System Reserved is present (it stores encryption files in there)


Another advantage in having it is that, say, your computer doesn't boot, you only have to restore a small partition instead of the whole of C:. 2 Minutes instead of 1 or 2 hours.


System Reserved is created automatically if you install W7/8/8.1/10 to an Unallocated area on the hard drive.

It is not created if you install to C:, even if it is newly formatted and empty.

If you ever make another Clean Install, it can be done then. Forget it for now


Terminology: C, D, E, etc are Partitions or Drives.

They may or may not be on the same physical hard drive (or Flash drive)

  stlucia2 17:48 12 Feb 2016

Thanks for your patience robin_x, that covers it for now. Sorry about my sloppy terminology -- I am aware of the distinction between drives and partitions ;-) Some of my "drives" are drives, but C:\, D:\ and E:\ are partitions.

  robin_x 18:06 12 Feb 2016

No probs, I try to be consistent in what I think is correct. But I make mistakes too and so do the Manufacturers and Software companies.

One of the aims here is to provide free advice, and share, whatever our experience.

While we don't want to put anyone out of a job, none of us can be running down to the High St all the time to get stuff fixed.

  Mcgre 09:37 15 Feb 2016

is that true that WIN 10 is protected from ransomware such as tesla, especially its latest releases. I have haerd it simply does not provide access to its data click here

  stlucia2 20:21 29 Feb 2016

Got there in the end!

Windows 7 has been behaving itself for a couple of weeks now, so I decided to upgrade to 10 by clicking on the upgrade icon at the bottom of my screen. It took about 5 hours in all, though I wasn't watching it all the time so it was probably waiting for user input a couple of times. When I powered up my PC tonight, after shutting it down mid-afternoon, Windows 10 started loading properly, asked for my password, then showed a blank, black screen with only the mouse cursor showing, and a "no internet connection" symbol in the task bar. After about 10 minutes of this I instinctively pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL and got five or six options, including the option to Restart. After a restart it seems to be running okay.

I hope it will settle down and behave itself.

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