Can I upgrade PC that is showing error message?

  Hetti 15:42 07 Dec 2012

I have an old PC running win XP service pack 3

I have today got error message as follows (After crashing and rebooting itself) Error Signature BCCODE:100000ea. BCP1:85D23448 BCP:864EF9E8 BCP:2864EF8 BCP3 F7A0ECBC BCP4 00000001 OS VER 512600sp3 PRODUCT 768

I wanted to try to upgrade OS to win 7 or win 8 on this PC (to hopefully sort out similar errors I have had over the last weeks)would this be feasible when the PC is receiving the error message as above?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 07 Dec 2012

Its a video (graphics) card device driver problem uninstall and reinstall latest driver for the graphics.

If its an old machine you may have problems getting win7 / 8 drivers.

  Hetti 17:54 07 Dec 2012

I got driver from Medion I HOPE is the right one as there were three to chose from, I went for the win XP + media center 32bit, all seems fine at the moment, I have had this problem before but did not uninstall old driver before installing new one, I hope this sorts it.......thanks to all of you who replied.

  Hetti 18:02 08 Dec 2012

Hi all PC started misbehaving again today, this is the message,

Solve problem with video device driver

"Hardware device caused windows to shut down unexpectedly and restart, this is a serious problem commonly referred to as "Stop error or Blue screen" Two things may help 1..Install most current driver for your device...... (The latest and best driver is installed as reported when I go to device manager and ask it too updated driver) 2...Manually decrease hardware acceleration, (I did this only a few mins ago so don't know if that has helped yet).

If this is a serious problem I wanted to ask some advice as to if I should call it a day with the PC? as it is old now

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 08 Dec 2012

Probably still a device driver problem

What exactly is the model of your Medion? 8880?

Medions are usually issued with both a XP cd and diver CD

Do you have a couple of partitions on the hard drive D: tools E: recovery?

As you are still having problem untick the thread by clicking on the green click.

Possibly also a hard drive problem if the driver keeps getting corrupted.

  Hetti 20:27 08 Dec 2012

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ The model is PC MT 7, type MT 346. I do have a disc that has drivers on (Recovery disk is that correct?) I inserted that into drive and asked it to find the driver it came back with "You already have best driver installed"

These problems emerged after reinstalling windows as the computer was having problems back then (abt three weeks ago) I thought that would sort it out :>will that mean I have wiped the hard disk and the partitions? As you can probably guess I'm no techie but would have liked to sort it out,if however it is the hard drive I might as well call it a day not worth getting new hard drive for such an old PC

  Secret-Squirrel 09:02 09 Dec 2012

" .....this is a serious problem commonly referred to as "Stop error or Blue screen""

Hetti, analysing the Windows crash-dump files (if present) can frequently pin-point the exact cause of those catastrophic failures you're getting. There are various utilities for that job and BlueScreenView is one of the simpler ones although hopefully it'll provide enough information to make a precise diagnosis.

Install the program and run it. In the top pane, locate the most recent entry, double-click on it, and a new window should open. Reply with the following details:

Bug Check String

Bug Check Code

Caused by Driver

Do the same for two more of the most recent entries (if available).

  Hetti 20:24 09 Dec 2012

Secret Squirrel Sorry this is late..... I posted reply earlier.I was checking to see if anyone had replied but see my post has not appeared.

I downloaded the software but can't see how to run it! does it have icon on desktop again I can't see that either.

The PC has run today no problem, the last change I did was turn down the Hardware Acceleration a little so maybe this has helped?

  Secret-Squirrel 20:51 09 Dec 2012

Sorry to see you've run into problems already with BlueScreenView Hetti. You haven't stated which version you downloaded so I'll give you some tips for just one of them:

Near the bottom of the page, click on the Download BlueScreenView with full install/uninstall support, or click here for a direct link. If prompted, choose "Run" and the setup will start automatically, and when finished, you'll find the program in the usual place under Start -> All Programs -> NirSoft BlueScreenView.

If you're using a browser that only allows you to save downloads (such as Firefox) then navigate to the relevant folder and double-click the bluescreenview_setup file to start the installation process.

  Hetti 21:02 09 Dec 2012

Ok got that I will do that tomorrow as Ive not got time right now.

  Hetti 18:39 14 Dec 2012

Secret-Squirrel I have been monitoring the PC and to be fair its worked as good as ever since I Manually decreased hardware acceleration,so I will leave it as it is for now hopefully it is sorted.

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