Can i upgrade my hard drive ?

  dkuk2000 18:36 05 Jun 2003

At the moment i have a basic pc running on 64.0MB of RAM ,it has a intel 82439TX pentium processor and only a 3.2 GB hard drive.
Could i replace the hard drive with a 40GB or would i have to upgrade the memory and other stuff?

  Gaz 25 18:38 05 Jun 2003

Yes, but you will lose everything.

Also, make suer you get a compatable one, we would problably need info on the current HDD.

  Lú-tzé 18:42 05 Jun 2003

Teh BIOS will most likely have to be upgraded - check the manufacturer of the BIOS and the mobo for details of possible updates. If you don't know, download aida32 from click here and install it - from Aida you can get all the relevant info.

The memory will not have to be upgraded, but get 256 MB if you can - it will make a big difference to you. HAve a look at click here and tell it your mobo info.

When you install the new disk you can then install the old one as a "slave" and copy across your data and then use the old one for backups etc.

  dkuk2000 18:48 05 Jun 2003

Does that tell you anything about it or do i have to open up my pc ?

  Diemmess 19:50 05 Jun 2003

Forgive yet another set of answers-BUT

You ask "Could I replace the hard drive with a 40GB or would I have to upgrade the memory and other stuff?

The simple answer is Yes.......... Your operating system is the main problem, I assume it is Win98?

You are able to run on 3.2 Gb so you know a thing or two about economical use of that HDD.

Add your new HDD as a secondary HD without disturbing your o/s on the present HD.

When you add the new HD you will have to partition and format it, so use the opportunity to make at least 2 partitions a smaller one first say not over 5 or at most 10Gb for later use as your primary C: drive.

If you divide the rest into 2 partitions of less than 20Gb you will not have trouble with your "old" computer recognising the new drives.

There are lots of things you can do later when your new HDD is installed but for the moment all you are seeking is more file space and that is what you will get.

No need to add to RAM for this. More RAM will speed things better than you could believe but this has nothing to do with file space.

Transferring your operating system is another excercise altogether, but made much easier once you have a new working HD to receive it.

  DieSse 20:05 05 Jun 2003

Your BIOS will probably not run a 40Gb hard drive, and is probably not updateable to be able to do so. However, if you but a Maxtor or Seagate (for sure, some other makes, probably), you can get software to enable your drive to see the whole of it.

Seagate = Disk wizard ... Maxtor = Maxblast 3 - both are downloadable.

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