Can I upgrade my Graphics card- or buy another PC

  lostplot 20:44 08 May 2017

Hi, I have a desktop which is an Intel (R) Pentium D Cpu 3.40 Ghz + 3.40Ghz 64 bit with windows 7 but when looking at my computer performance it gives me 3.3 for gaming: 256mb graphics memory 82945G express Chipset family.( Ihave no idea what this means)

I play games online and was wondering if I could upgrade the graphics card as have no idea what to use or indeed if my computer is good enough for an upgrade? Any advice appreciated, I am somewhat of a technophobe so please go lightly :)

  MJS WARLORD 21:15 08 May 2017

do you know what graphics card you have , to find out type dxdiag into the search box and click the icon to run the program , DISPLAY tells you the name of the card. what games do you play and does your pc struggle to run them.

  lostplot 22:58 08 May 2017

Hi, Thank you for you help, well i run that and it came up error running dxdiag, but I also have take a screenshot so may help, it does not say anything about a graphics card, it shows:

Name:Intel 82945G express Chipset family Manufacturer: Intel Chip Type:Intel 82945G express Chipset family DAC Type: Internal Approx total memory: 256Mb Current display mode:1280x1024 (32 bit)(60hz) Monitor: Dell P190S (Analog)

Direct-x features: Direct draw Acceleration: Enabled Direct 3D Acceleration:Not available AGP Texture Acceleration: Enabled.

I play FOE and other games and my computer sounds like an aeroplane when playing and is a major struggle!

  Jollyjohn 12:00 09 May 2017

I don't think you have a separate graphics card, I think you are using "onboard graphics" with 256MB RAM allocated to it. Therefore any graphics card installed will improve performance as it will free up that RAM and take a load off the CPU.

More details of your PC - Make & model or Motherboard info - will help us advise a suitable graphics card.

The "sounds like an aeroplane" is all the fans running to keep PC cool. Consider replacing the fans for a quieter PC.

  lostplot 12:20 09 May 2017

Thank you very much John and Warlord, my computer is an HP Compaq DC7600 small form factor PC.

  Jollyjohn 12:50 09 May 2017

Having looked at your PC specification I would save up and purchase a new PC. Your PC was designed for Vista, which dates it. I think you might be able to get a Maximum of $GB RAM installed, possibly only 2GB depending on exact model. The Power Supply is only 300Watts at best.

A modern PC, without spending silly money, will have 8GB RAM, 500Watt PSU, dual core CPU, possibly even quad core and good integrated graphics with the option to add a separate graphics card if still needed.

  MJS WARLORD 13:16 09 May 2017

i have looked at your machine spec and i think you will be entering a minefield if you upgrade your graphics card because a new one will need different ram and mobo. john is right about your fans , they are working flat out because your system is struggling to run what you are doing. The new range of 1050,60,70,80 nvidea cards are really good. you can get a decent games rig for as little as £450 plus vat.

on most custom build pc sites you choose your components and before you click buy the checking system tells you of any mismatches or overkill. I might get into trouble for giving somebody a free plug on here so i will just say if you type " my game breaker rig " into your browser and click the top entry you will see and unedited write up and the name of the company who made it.

Finally google if your current pc will run windows 10. Despite what magazines say you can still get the free 7 to 10 upgrade... i did this and i use my none gaming rig as a guinea pig just in case something happens ... if something goes wrong i dont put it on my games rig.

  lostplot 13:10 22 Jun 2017

Sorry it has been a while but i took your advice and have now replaced the pc, however, i have just posted a question about it at the top of the forum. Thank you ever so much for your help!

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