can i upgrade my cpu....?

  squeel 20:25 14 Jun 2003

I own an hp pavillion 8695 and i would like to upgrade my processor to 1G+ is this possible and can i do it myself, if so is it an easy job...?

  keith-236785 20:31 14 Jun 2003

as i understand it, the pavilion is not easy to upgrade (probably made that way so you have to but a new one), i dont have a pavilion but someone else asked the question a few days ago

wait a while and see if anyone knows for sure....

  OneSirKnight 20:42 14 Jun 2003
  OneSirKnight 20:58 14 Jun 2003

Looks like you cant upgrade mate

click here

  OneSirKnight 21:08 14 Jun 2003

unless you change the mobo and the cpu,if you can visit one of those pc fairs you can find some realy good deals on motherboard & cpu packages
good luck.

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