Can I uninstal MSN Messenger from one part of HD?

  Baslla321 15:27 12 Aug 2004

Is it poss to take off MSN Mess from one part of the partitioned hard drive ONLY? There is a good reason for this. Thanks.

  cga 15:42 12 Aug 2004

Sorry if I am being thick but I don't understand your question. MSN Messenger is an application that can be set to nly start up when you want it.

Am I guessing correctly that you have multiple accounts (or even multi-boot) and you dont want some users getting at this application.

If so then post OS and your setup - should be able to help.

  Baslla321 15:55 12 Aug 2004

that is correct. What do you mean 'post OS' & my ste up? I am green in this.

  Baslla321 15:58 12 Aug 2004

my teenaged dauthter has been getting funny suggestions and I want to stop her from just using this facility.

  cga 16:04 12 Aug 2004

OK - I guessed it was something like that. first we need to know which operating system you use (W98, WinXP extc.)

The other thing that may be a little confusing is that there are 2 similar product from Microsoft - MSN Messenger & Windows Messenger. If you don't know which then we can sort it out.

There are some sick wierdos out there that make this sort of thing necessary.

  cga 16:06 12 Aug 2004

One other thing - do you use the same logon or do you have separate one's ?

  Baslla321 16:15 12 Aug 2004

win xp pro & different log ons. This is not windows Mess but MSN Messenger. Sorry but she is around so have to be fast.

  Baslla321 16:22 12 Aug 2004

must go but will check in later. Many thanks.

  cga 16:36 12 Aug 2004

OK - so here is something to work on when you have time.

1. I assume you want to use messenger yourself - if not there is an easier way.

1. Open MSN Messenger and go to Tools - Options - General and unclick the first box 'Automatically run messenger when I log on to windows' click OK

2. Go to C:\Doucuments and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs and move MSN Messenger 6.2.lnk to C:\Doucuments and Settings\youraccount\Start Menu\Programs.

3. Go on to her signon and remove any icons for MSN Messenger.

This should do it

The only word of caution I would make is that nothing is foolproof. I have brought up 5 kids and, in the end, you will have to talk to her about the perves on the net if you are going to let her go online.

  Belatucadrus 17:16 12 Aug 2004

click here may also be of interest.

  Baslla321 18:31 12 Aug 2004

THANKS Will Try.

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