Can I turn off laptop screen w.out switching off?

  amyfleur 10:37 30 Jan 2010

I like to keep my laptop switched on all day as I dip in and out to check emails, dictionary, thesaurus, my different forums, Wiki etc.

Is there a way of turning off the screen (like you can turn off a monitor on a PC without turning off the PC)?


  Forum Editor 11:12 30 Jan 2010

if you don't use it for a while. That effectively turns off the screen, and turns it on again when you start using the computer.

Go into Control panel and click the 'Power options' icon; then select your required option.

  Peter 11:21 30 Jan 2010


You could always try the hibernate mode. Once in hibernate the computer does not use any power. My netbook will restore from hibernate in 30 seconds and is in the same situation (all programmes running) as I left it when I set it into hibernation.


  Forum Editor 11:34 30 Jan 2010

if you decide to set your laptop to hibernate, is that the time before hibernation must always be less than your battery life time if you use the machine on battery power. Otherwise the computer will drain before the hibernation can switch in.

If you tend to leave your computer unused for long periods hibernation can be useful, otherwise it's probably best to select the stand-by mode. You can of course select both - putting the computer into stand by if it's not used for say, half an hour, and then into hibernation after another hour. You certainly wouldn't want to keep the machine on stand by for more than a couple of hours anyway - there's a risk of losing any unsaved data if the power supply failed for some reason.

  amyfleur 14:25 30 Jan 2010

Thanks for replies. In 'POWER' I have set 'Turn off monitor' for 3 minutes, assuming that means when the laptop hasn't been active for 3 minutes. I hope I can switch it back on by touching any key?

I will look later at hibernation as well in case that would be suitable.

  Peter 16:04 30 Jan 2010


A tap of almost any key or a wipe across the mouse pad should bring the laptop out of power saving mode, but be careful that the key press/mouse pad touch is not interpreted as an action/button press.


  amyfleur 21:35 30 Jan 2010

I don't know my laptop very well do I? I have just found that if I press 'Fn' key and F6 the screen shuts off with just a hint of the display, and comes back with a key touch as you say Peter. It's an Acer - I haven't seen an Fn key before.

  mooly 08:12 31 Jan 2010

The F6 key is turning off just the backlight to the display, a main consumer of power, but everything else is still running.

If you go into the advanced menus in power options you have the option to set up all the power plans and create custom ones too.

So you can alter things such turning the HDD off after so many minutes etc... many many options in there.

  mooly 08:17 31 Jan 2010

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