Can I trust someone I don't know well with my new laptop ?

  peterpepe 11:14 15 Feb 2012

The dilemma is this: I am in Spain now and will stay for a couple of years. I am going to buy a laptop which will come with WINDOWS in SPANISH. I know someone who said he could change WINDOWS from Spanish to English for me free of charge. But he'll need to take my laptop away for a day. Because I don't know him that well, what if he installs some keylogger or laptop tracking software, such as PREY (for locating laptops when lost or stolen), he could effectively access all my email accounts, passwords and all my web activity remotely. Any expert advise please?

  rdave13 11:50 15 Feb 2012

Personally I wouldn't trust anyone with my laptop and if anyone should want to use it, then they could only use the guest account. I haven't used this free utility,, but Id buy a cheap English/Spanish dictionary and have a go myself.

  mgmcc 11:52 15 Feb 2012

It doesn't sound like a safe solution. To change from Spanish to English would involve the installation of an English language copy of Windows and that wouldn't be free for a legitimate copy.

You would be better to get a Laptop sent out from the UK, but be aware of any differences in the electricity supply between UK and Spain.

  rdave13 11:58 15 Feb 2012

I'll try the link again, link

  mgmcc 11:58 15 Feb 2012

"I haven't used this free utility"

To view the page you need to remove the "comma" from the end of the URL :)

  peterpepe 12:05 15 Feb 2012

@ mgmcc -- he has a legit copy of Windows 7 in English which I am told can convert windows 7 from Spanish to English.

Buying a laptop sent from the UK is only workable as long as it is 100% perfect and doesn't ever breakdown. Any claims under guarantee would be very tricky to sort out because of the cost in post and packing backwards and forwards.

  Woolwell 12:06 15 Feb 2012

The electricity supplies shouldn't make a difference. The plug for the power supply might be you can get adaptors.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:11 15 Feb 2012

Only Windows 7 Ultimate includes Multilingual User Interface (Language Pack) support. You can then install the English Language Pack from under Regional and Language settings in Control Panel.

You can do an Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate which will preserve your personal files and settings:

Learn more:

  robin_x 12:12 15 Feb 2012

A more reassuring link for Vistalizator?

  peterpepe 12:33 15 Feb 2012

My final question is, even if someone installs a keylogger or tracker software secretly on my laptop, would it be easy to detect such software and remove them? (using Malware Bytes and Spybot Search and Destroy ?) If this can be done, then all I need to do is to do a scan when I get my laptop back. Or it isn't that simple ? I just don't know enough about computers :(

  birdface 13:18 15 Feb 2012

Not sure how it works if he reformats the Laptop with the English version and you add the keycode that is underneath the Laptop.Microsoft may or may not recognise it if not you would be left with a laptop that you cannot use unless you use another operating system.

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