can I transfer a website to a DVD to play on a TV?

  kenwyn 00:32 01 Dec 2004

The question says it really! - I need to copy the contents of a website, and then put it on a CD or DVD, so that It can be played to a group of people on a normal TV(using as much of the interactive - ness as possible),in a church hall that has no phone line, hence no means of internet connection

  Diodorus Siculus 09:26 01 Dec 2004

Don't know about that, but you can download the whole website and play on a PC without an internet connection:

click here

  mattyc_92 10:56 01 Dec 2004

You can buy a "projector" that you can attach to your PC and "project" your Desktop onto a screen. You can put a whole website on a DVD or CD using software like "SurfOffline". Do a google search for this program. The "Projectors" can be pricy (anything up to £200 for a "basic" setup)

  Sethhaniel 10:28 09 Dec 2004

any luck ???
As I could do with that myself ;)

  kenwyn 21:41 09 Dec 2004

No luck yet. The alternative may be to take some screen shots, save the images as Jpegs or similar, copy them to CD, then just use the DVD player to scroll through each image. Not sure how readable the text may be though...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:03 09 Dec 2004

Do you have a laptop or PC with S-video out socket (yellow)?

Leads and scart adapters are quite cheap allowing you to connect the PC to a TV and play the site using the software from Diodorus Siculus link.

  mjojo 22:28 09 Dec 2004

How about a live tour of the website? You guide it, and record it with sound. Program is brilliant and free. Records screen capture as avi with sound. Small licence fee takes away logo in top right corner.

click here

  mjojo 22:30 09 Dec 2004

Frame website. Duh! Here's the frame: click here, or just click on hypercam.

Note to self: check link b4 posting.

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