Can I test modem whilst still fitted ?

  Furkin 11:52 08 Aug 2008

I use WinFax on my Acer Aspire T120.
Used it since Win 98 days.

Recently something seems amiss.

SOMETIMES when I click send, I can hear it dial out,,,, I can hear my modems 'tone'. I think I can hear the recipients fax machine (phone) ring & the handshake,,, but after a few seconds, just goes dead as if dropping the line.

I was about to grab a cheapy from't net,,,, but I'd like to check this one out first, in case it's o.k. & I get another for no reason (thereby getting the same anomaly).

Any ideas please ?

Some years ago, there used to be a 'Test' number for fax machines to try,,,,,,, anyone know if it (or any) are still around ?

thanks for reading

XP Pro - SP 3 - 2gb ram.

  woodchip 12:50 08 Aug 2008

Don't know if this may help click here

  Stuartli 13:11 08 Aug 2008

If you go to the modem's Properties via Device Manager, there is a Diagnostics tab.

There's also the checking facility via Start>Settings>Network Connections>dialup ISP connection>Properties.

The only test number I'm aware of is BT's 17070, but not sure if you can test fax machines on it.

  Stuartli 13:12 08 Aug 2008

A fax machine is regarded as a Printer by Windows - try checking out the configuration.

  Furkin 13:39 09 Aug 2008

Cheers folks,
W.CHIP: Looks like a good thing,,,,, not sure if I want to pay for such a program yet though - but thanks - have saved the link.
STUARTLI: Diagnostics say "Working o.k",,,, and indeed it has done a couple of times.
Network Connections: Properties dosn't
'highlight',,,,, as it's disconnected by default until in use.

I've used the program & modem for years and havn't changed any settings.

If there is a problem - it's intermittent,,, as I say I used it twice yesterday.

I think for the moment, will just have to keep an eye on it and expect it to go at some point.

I know that modems are pretty indistructable - The only time that I've had to replace one, was when it was fried by lightening,,,,

thanks again

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