Can I take pictures with my PC ?!!!

  myfoot 21:42 17 Sep 2005

Or to put it another way, I don't have a scanner and want to move some .txt files to my Camera Phone which can read .jpeg's. I have already done this by using a scanner but was wondering if anbody knows of a prog. which will open a .txt file and resave it as a .jpeg This may well be technically impossible, but anyway I just thought I would throw it out. Be gratefull for any constructive input, or sarcastic if it's clever.

  De Marcus™ 21:46 17 Sep 2005

If the text is less than you can see on screen try using the print screen button

  woodchip 23:15 17 Sep 2005

And then paste into another program, Photo edit that is. and save as Jpeg. As De Marcus™ forgot to tell you that bit above

  johnnyrocker 00:15 18 Sep 2005

if the print screen bit works as i understand it if you select alt screen print it will produce only what you are looking at as opposed to the whole screen.


  woodchip 00:18 18 Sep 2005

It captures the lot, including menus etc these have to be cropped off

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:23 18 Sep 2005

will do this

click here

I just tested it and it worked fine, although the text on the jpeg was a bit small.



  Pesala 09:41 18 Sep 2005

If your camera phone can read GIF images, they will be sharper and smaller than JPG images for text.

Copy the text to the clipboard in notepad, then create a new image in Irfan View just the right width for your camera phone display, and as high as you need, e.g. 400 x 2000 pixels.

Create a custom selection a few pixels in from each side (Shift C), 5,5,390,1990 OK.

Bring up the text edit box (Control T) to enter text into the selected area. Paste the text from the clipboard, and choose the font (Verdana 10 point may be best) with a white background.

Reduce the number of colours to 2 to save on file size. If the quality degrades, try 256 or 16 colours.

Save the file as GIF or high quality JPG.

  Pesala 09:45 18 Sep 2005
  myfoot 10:50 21 Sep 2005

Just as well I thought it worth while to ask. I now have IRFAN View on Pc which is a the fastest loading graphics programme I've seen and also the smallest. Don't think the phone can read GIF's . Nokia 6230i I could move one over and see as I can't find anything in manual about it.

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