Can I switch off notification to compact folders

  amyfleur 21:09 06 Sep 2006

Every time I close Outlook Express I get a notification which asks me if I want "TO FREE UP DISK SPACE, OUTLOOK EXPRESS CAN COMPACT MESSAGES". I do not want Outlook to do this. Is there a way I can prevent this notification from being presented at the end of each session? I have done a 'Help Index' search with various obvious words with no luck.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:19 06 Sep 2006

Outlook Express, Tools, Options, Maintenance .... Uncheck "compact messages in background"


  Jackcoms 21:20 06 Sep 2006

"I do not want Outlook to do this"

Is it Outlook Express or Outlook? You have referred to both.

In any event, why do you not want to compact folders?

There is a perfectly;y valid, space saving reason that Windows does this

  amyfleur 21:34 06 Sep 2006

Gandalf - there is no check\uncheck box for "compact messages in background" in my OE, Tools, Options, Maintenance!

Jackcoms - I am using Outlook Express 6.

I don't like programmes doing their own thing, I prefer to save any emails I want in their own folders or if archiving then within a wordprocessing programme.

Thanks anyway for suggestions.

  Coff 23:03 06 Sep 2006

Outlook Express used to "compact messages in the background" but this behaviour was changed with the installation of SP2 (I think). That's why you don't see an option to untick the box in the Maintenance tab (see Gandalf's post).

The message you are getting appears every 100 times you close Outlook Express and presumably every time after that when you decline the prompt. I've hardly ever used OE so haven't seen this prompt but you might want to let it compact the messages on the basis that you won't be bothered by the prompt again until you've closed OE another 100 times.

The reason it doesn't compact in the background anymore is that corruption could occur to the files if the process was interrupted. So, on that basis, if you decide to let it compact the messages, don't start up any other programs at the same time.

  Jackcoms 07:22 07 Sep 2006

The overriding reasons for allowing OE to compact files are:

To free up some HDD space


More importantly, when you delete files from OE, they don't actually delete but remain as .dbx files. The subsequent action of compacting does then finally delete those file and frees up the HDD space.

There is nothing 'sinister' about this process. ;-))

  amyfleur 07:39 07 Sep 2006

Coff & Jackcoms

Thank you both for excellent information.

Especially now I know that deleted files are positively deleted by compacting and now I am happy to use the facility in future when prompted.

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