deggsymann 17:54 09 Jul 2004

i recently posted a message about a blue screen of death which kept occurring.

The various error messages suggested either driver error, faulty ram or a dodgy video card.

I was going to add a new larger harddrive (not due to problem), so i took my dodgy one out and reinstalled xp pro on a freshly formatted drive, reseated my video card and ram, and un then re connected all the various wires and cables inside my pc.

I got a blue screen just after i had finished installing xp - with the basic drivers and nothing else installed and just xp running.

Am i right in thinking i cant have a virus on a freshly formatted drive, xp's basic drivers for video and usb shouldn't cause it to crash, the temperature of my cpu when i restarted straight away was 38 degrees (pentium 2.4) so i am not really overheating.

I have also downloaded microsofts ram tester, gave it several passes and came up ok.

I only have one 512mb stick of 333ddr ram so i cant take any out to see if one is dodgy. However we have a spare pc at work which has a stick of 254mb 266ddr ram . Could i stick this in my pc in place of mine without blowing anything up. If i can, do i have to alter anything in my bios before i do?

Thanks for any help, as i am hoping to at least narrow down what could be causing this without having to spend money i dont need to.

  hillybilly 18:55 09 Jul 2004

If you can borrow that stick from work then do so, the only difference is it will is it run a tad slower, thats about as much slower as a blind man would like to see! you should also try and download a utility called memtest86 or mem86, somebody please put us right on what it's called? you boot this prog fron a floppy an it is said to be very very good at memory checks. Oh if you have not been on the net or used secondhand disks then you cannot have virus with a new hard disk!

  the kopite 19:25 09 Jul 2004

Hillbilly you are right mem86 you can get it from download com takes about 5 hours so do it overnight I did

  the kopite 19:27 09 Jul 2004

Sorry thats to test the motherboard not to download mem86 that takes minuets

  deggsymann 20:05 09 Jul 2004

just had a look in my bios prior to installing the work chip (in case anything needed to to be reset later)and the settings for my cpu when enabled were 133, and my ram was 266.

As my ram is ddr333 and i have a 2.4 pentium is this right?

  the kopite 20:42 09 Jul 2004

yes that is correct 133 is ddata 133+133 =266

  deggsymann 21:13 09 Jul 2004

so to get the 333 on the ddr is something multiplied by another setting?

  hillybilly 21:17 09 Jul 2004

If your not sure, don't play with the settings just put it in and try it, it really won't do any harm.

  deggsymann 21:25 09 Jul 2004

Bear in mind Hillybilly i will show this thread to my boss on monday if i fry his chip and he sacks me!

Only joking, i am going to put the work chip in tonight, leave the pc on and see if it is still running ok in the morning. Will post back with the results.

Thanks for your advice so far both of you - also sorry for doing my thread header in 'SHOUTY CAPITALS'.....Stupid Caps Lock

  deggsymann 16:18 10 Jul 2004

An update

Just as i was about to swap ram, a mate of mine popped round with a programme called prime95, as he knew i had a problem. Loaded it up and it found a problem with the ram in about 10 seconds. Tried it again and got the same response. Replaced it with the work ram, ran the prog and got no errors.

Left the pc on overnight and got no blue screens by the morning.

So far i have had no errors (4.15 pm) and will call it a resolved question.

Thanks for the help.

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