Can I swap hard disk's.....

  Parksy40 04:31 19 May 2005

Hi all,

Just bought a new computer, well, 2nd hand actually....So I'm thinking I'd like to swap the hard disk from my old system with the new...Now baring in mind it is 2nd hand, it's got loads of programs and stuff on the hard disk that I either already have or dont need, so I just want to take it out and replace it with mine, can I do this, or could I run it as a slave and still use it as an independent hard drive....?

Any advice or options would be great...

  Diodorus Siculus 07:36 19 May 2005

Best option would be to format the new pc, install the OS and then install the programs you want. Then take the disk out of the old machine, install as slave and copy across the data that you want.

  jack 08:44 19 May 2005

D S's suggestion is only valid if you have all disks for all programs.
This is another solution, on the old machine clean up the disk so that programs and files that you do not wish to carry over are deleted.

On the new machine clean up the disk clean it up so that only the 'New to you' stuff remains.
Setting old disk to slave put into new machine
and transfer files to new machine.
Decide which Operating system you wish to retain[assuming they are different] and set that disk to master.
Whilst files can be disk swapped it is sometimes not possible with programs unless the O/S goes with it because certain files are hidden and will not copy.

  TomJerry 09:52 19 May 2005

but there are two mainly issues

(1) You need to reactive with Microsoft if you use XP Home

(2) There are some on-board hardware driver compitability issues. Before swap, you need to uninstall all driver software related to your old PC motherboard and graphics card. After swap, install driver software related to "new" pc.

Before you try to wipe "new" PC, make sure you have all relevent driver software either from previous owner or internet, but DONOT pay anything for them

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