Can I stop Windows from re-naming files I have altered?

  Garawa 11:56 19 Mar 2012

This is really infuriating me! Windows Explorer (or just Windows itself) likes to put my files back to how they were previously despite me renaming them. This only seems to happen with my music folder and I am not sure if Media Player is the cause.

I use WMP to rip as it is more convenient and MediaMonkey to catalogue and burn/play the tracks. The forum there said MM was not the cause. Some Cds rip with incorrect tags where the online database confused it with something else meaning some files have not only the wrong title but also the wrong artist making it difficult to find. So, I rename the file what I want it to be called so that it is easier to find in the library.

This will be fine for a while until Windows decides to put the file back to what it was (but not every track, the odd one stays altered!!!???) meaning it dissappears from the library as the file monitor on the program keeps track of where the files are and any alterations in order to prevent them from "greying out". How can I stop Windows from doing this? I have tracks where the info wasn't available meaning a host of files are called something in the region of "Unknown Title/Unknown Artist/Unknown Album (19/3/2012 11:12:43)" where the latter part is the date which keeps changing! If file monitor wasn't enabled all the tracks would grey out as none would be in their correct locations!

If they just stayed as they were there would be no issue. I have not seen any other tracks change their names all the time without my say so. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

  lotvic 16:48 19 Mar 2012

You must have it set to automatically update info from the internet. Try: WMP -> Tools -> Options -> Library tab and uncheck the setting 'Retrieve additional information from the Internet'

There are other settings that can be altered as well ClickHere for some of them

  Batch 17:04 19 Mar 2012

Just to be clear, is it the true file name (e.g. PrivateDancer.wma) that is being changed (as seen in Windows Explorer) or the ID tag information (such as Private Dancer / Tina Turner / Soul etc. etc. as seen in the likes of WMP)?

  lotvic 19:01 19 Mar 2012

Good point Batch, also MediaMonkey is involved (I've never used that so don't know if it has a bearing on changes)

Another point, in which program are you changing the names? within Windows Explorer Files, WMP or MediaMonkey?

Also what OS? XP,Vista or W7

  Garawa 19:57 19 Mar 2012

I am altering the actual filename in Explorer. As this happens when the programs are closed I don't believe it is those and the MM guys have said their program wouldn't be the cause.

For example, yesterday I ripped a 70s CD which the WMP online database retrieved incorrectly so all the tracks were not what they were titled. Deep Purple's Strange Kind of Woman was titled as Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf. In Explorer, I changed the actual files name to what it should be and MM's library picked it up nicely. With "File Monitor" enabled I can make whatever changes I like and MM sees them.

On opening today, those files are back to what they were called before ALL BAR ONE TRACK which has kept my alteration!!!!!!! It's like the PC is rolling back to the day before but I know it isn't. Because this change happened when MM was closed, it didn't see the change and won't find the file if I try and play it. Some files I have changed MANY times to the point where I have given up with it and sourced another copy from a different album that has the correct information!

I know initially the online database is largely at fault but surely I can call the files anything I like? I have renamed thousands of photos from something along the lines of DSC001234 to something more relevant and none of them have returned to their previous name.

  lotvic 10:08 20 Mar 2012

I found this which explains I think what you need to do posted by zestforlife 2011-Jun-16

To change a MP3 song name to what you want, here is what I found works. This is not a batch process but a one-at-a-time song process.

I have Windows XP.

There are two names involved. One is the filename that appears when you use Windows Explorer. The other is the name that appears in Windows Media Player when playing the song.

I wanted them to be the same, and different than what they came with. I have many songs I use for dancing, so I want the name in both places to be, for example, CC 116 402 Smooth – Carlos Santana, so that I know that this song, Smooth by the artist Carlos Santana is for Cha Cha at 116 beats per minute and is 4 minutes and 2 seconds long. This helps me to efficiently select an appropriate song.

First I just change the name of the MP3 file to what I want using Windows Explorer.

Then, right click on the filename. You will get a short menu. Click Properties at the bottom. You will get a window with two tabs. The first tab is General, and the box at the top has the name of the file. If this is what you want to name the song, copy it to the clipboard. Then click the Summary tab. In the Title box it has the current name of the song that will appear when you are playing it with Windows Media Player. Replace it with what you want, either by pasting the filename in it or by just typing in what you want. Then OK.

You may have to play the song once or twice for this to “take.”

  Garawa 19:11 22 Mar 2012

But this is the problem, I don't want that! MediaMonkey does that automatically and I have had to turn the function off. I want whatever I call the ACTUAL file's name (not it's library entry) to stay what I tell it is. If I say this photo is "Mum's 60th" the photo usually stays as that. A few music ones do not. If the database did not know the tracks when they were ripped I get a whole host of "Unknown" tags. MM would then infer track properties from these and lose many of the tags.

As I said before, I do not want a Deep Purple track in MM called Meatloaf in Explorer because just because wherever the file data was retrieved from had been incorrectly set up. If I go into "My Music" folder and change the file from Meatloaf to Deep Purple I want it to stay Deep Purple but Explorer might (not always) change it back and, if I have deleted the folder it was in, it will kindly create a new but different one for me! Annoyingly, this happens when the programs are closed so it isn't them causing the problems and means the tracks cannot be played as they no longer sit in the destination the library thinks.

It cannot be hard to get Explorer to keep the file whatever I want it to be called but I just cannot fathom out why it does it.

  john bunyan 19:19 22 Mar 2012

I tunes does not do that - why not try it?

  Garawa 19:25 22 Mar 2012

I'm not sure I'm making myself clear. This is NOT a software issue. I only use iTunes when I need to as it is up there as one of the worst pieces of software ever made and people only use it because Apple made them dependant on it. MM can do everything iTunes can plus tons more!

I don't want real actual files located in the music directory called things they are not just as much as I don't want all my pictures called DSC011... as what the camera named them. I just want the PC to stop changing their names after I have told the PC what it should be called.

  lotvic 19:25 22 Mar 2012

Before I offer any more advice I will have to read info about MediaMonkey program. When I come to any conclusion about what is happening I will post back. Hopefully I will have a suggestion to offer.

  Garawa 19:34 22 Mar 2012

Thanks lotvic. I have posted many times on their forum and no-one else has had the same issue. I really don't believe any piece of software is to blame as this happens when none of the programs are running (often on startup) but I stand to be corrected as something is getting in the way somewhere.

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