Can i stick HHD disk in new HHD?

  deltawars 16:58 16 Jul 2014

OK so my bro keeps all his data, pictures and important info on 1 HHD in his laptop, he dropped his laptop and now the HHD doesn't work, i tried plugging the HHD into another PC but it cause the PC to freeze even before it boots up the os, i then tried to plug it in after the PC boots up but the disk drive is not being detected.

I opened up the HHD and the reading arm is broken but the disk is completely fine, what i wanted to ask is can i buy another one of the exact same HHD, and stick the disks from the broken HHD in the new HHD?

  Ian in Northampton 17:18 16 Jul 2014

Simple answer: absolutely not. Not in a million years. Or longer.

  Diemmess 17:19 16 Jul 2014

Sorry, but if you mean that you have opened the hard disk itself, then you have a basket case indeed.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:44 16 Jul 2014

Your only option is to go to a data recovery specialist. That will be expensive but, they may be able to recover some data, if you have not damaged the platters by opening the drive up.

  Ian in Northampton 17:58 16 Jul 2014

I think I'm right in saying that HDDs (not HHDs... :-) ) are hermetically sealed. It certainly used to be the case that a particle of cigarette smoke was about 100x larger than the gap between the read/write head and the disk platter, and so would cause a disk crash (i.e. where the arm comes directly into contact with the disk surface). (I don't know if HDDs are still made to the same fine tolerances - perhaps not, given their portability, significantly reduced sensitivity to shock etc.) Even if there's no visible damage, I would have thought the disk surface is probably pretty well knackered by now by dust contamination. And, anyway, AFAIK, no-one sells just the platter - it's simply not a user-replaceable part. As Diemmess says, you could try taking it to a data recovery service - but even then, I think you'd be out of luck as typically data recovery services work with a 'working' drive where only the data has become corrupt - not with a broken read/write head. I may be wrong, but - as Diemmess says, you're looking at expensive - like, probably, hundreds of pounds expensive.

  bumpkin 18:25 16 Jul 2014

Don't even think about it. it is not like a CD or DVD, absolutely no chance.

  bumpkin 18:32 16 Jul 2014

A speck of dust on the platter or just touch the thing game over.

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