can i split a cable for 2 internet connections?

  muscic lover 13:56 18 May 2005

I have NTL broadband at my home, can i use a dual socket so that 2 PC's i have can run on the same internet connection?.... or is this illegal or not possible?

Would hate to be illegal!

Over to you guys for an answer!

Thanks in advance

  DieSse 14:11 18 May 2005

It's not possible - won't work.

If you want two to share you need to connect one PC to the other - and one of them to the line.

You can connect them in different ways - a network cable, via a hub, or wirelessly.

But first check if NTL has any appropriate equipment or scheme for doing so - I don't know, perhaps someone else wll, or you can just asl NTL.

  NT Server 15:01 18 May 2005

NTL don't have any problems with you sharing your Internet connection. You need to buy a router. You can get a wired one for about £30, but you would have wires running to each computer, so it depends how far they are away from each other. You can go wireless but it would cost you more. Have a look and Linksys or Netgear they do both types. Good luck

  SEASHANTY 16:25 18 May 2005

click here
My NTL BB connection is connected to three pc's via a wired Linksys BEFSR41 wired router. Each PC has Cat5e LAN cable connected between one of the routers ports and the PC ethernet card connection.
The routers WAN port connects to the NTL modem which in turn connects to the outwards NTL cable line. Simple setup - this router is plug and play - any pc can connect at any time - they all work independently of each other. click here

  muscic lover 21:27 18 May 2005


  woodchip 21:29 18 May 2005

You need a Router Modem to do what you want, if you do not want both comps on all the time

  SEASHANTY 12:21 19 May 2005

If you are on NTL CABLE BB do not purchase an ADSL combined router with modem. It will not work with NTL CABLE.

  Aspman 13:59 19 May 2005

Cable comes through it own modem then into the PC via a cat5 doesn't it?

If so you might just need a little 4 or 8 port hub or switch. Beacuse this is for your internet connection which is very slow compaired to a fullt network connection you could pick up an old 10Mb network hub or switch for pennies on Ebay.

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