Can i Slow down boot up

  User-8740C8C1-B75B-4656-B568BCAE878A7A30 07:26 28 Nov 2004

I have 2 Hard drives it apears that on a cold start one has not spun up fast enough.
if the computer is turned off after haveing been running no probs. Can i slow down the actual Boot in the bios to aloww it a tad more time to reach speed not a bad problem just anoying.
Asrock board, 500 ram, amd 2600, 2 western dig drives 1 year old.

  dan 11 08:23 28 Nov 2004

Yes you can. There should be an option called fast boot or similar in the bios. If this is disabled it will do a full memory check and allow the hard drives to spin up to speed.

If you post the model of your AS rock board some one should be able to point you in the direction of the setting.

It maybe that you have not quite got the settings quite right for your hard drives and this could be why the drives are not being detected fast enough.

  dan 11 08:36 28 Nov 2004

The option setting for quick boot mode seems to be the same for SIS and VIA chipsets for the K7. It is under BOOT in the here

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