Can I.? Simple Question, is the answer as easy ?

  [email protected] 09:30 19 Aug 2005

I want to link two computers , in the same room as each other, and be able to operate them individually from the one single keyboard,mouse and monitor. I want to share a printer and scanner and the broadband connection and share file information between each. Is it as simple as just networking the other PC to my main PC ?? I do not want to use a 'wireless system' as the two PC's are within 5 mtrs of each other a wired ethernet 10/100 connection between adapters is fine. Any clues and any set up ideas would be more than gratefully received
Both PC's are running XP Home

  TonyM 09:41 19 Aug 2005

To network the two PCs all you need( assuming they both have ethernet sockets) is a crossover network cable .... the crossover bit is the important thing, because a normal network cable won't do the job when connecting computers directly to each other.

The controlling them using a single keyboard/mouse and monitor is also quite simple - go to somewhere like the Maplin site (click here) and do a search on KVM switch - they have a suitable one for £29.99 which will do exactly what you want - item code A84CZ, or try your local computer fair.

  Belatucadrus 10:32 19 Aug 2005
  DieSse 10:55 19 Aug 2005

One point - you can't network (the vast majority of) scanners.

  DieSse 10:56 19 Aug 2005

PS - you can, though, assuming it's a USB scanner, get USB switches.

  [email protected] 13:41 19 Aug 2005

Thanks my good friends. How easy it is when you know what your doing !! . One further question, regarding the networking side. How easy is it to set up the networking,? and is there anywhere that I can go to to see what is the best configurations ? ( please dont be too rude about telling e where to go LOL )

regards JR .

  TonyM 13:53 19 Aug 2005

Very easy to set-up ...connect the 2 machines with the crossover cable , and the run the "set up a home network" wizard that is in XP ....just follow the instructions - then it's just a matter of setting the properties for folders/drives you want to share between the will be able to share the printer, but I have to agree with DieSse - I've never seen a home set-up where a scanner can be shared ... I have mine attached to one machine - use that to scan with and then share the pics with other machines if necessary.

  [email protected] 23:05 19 Aug 2005

Thank you all. I think I have the picture clearer now. Old age and senility don't go with this modern technology and the language it employs. BUT learning keeps the brain active even if the body is 'not what it used to be' !!
Thanks again my good friends


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