Can I share a dialup conection on a wi-fi network?

  EmptyJay 20:16 17 Oct 2004

We can't get broadband yet (quite) - not until early next year, but I want to get a wi-fi network set up in our house to share files on the 2 pc's we have (in preparation for adsl). Can I share our dial-up connection also? Thanks!

  VoG II 20:25 17 Oct 2004

Yes but I think it would be painfully slow.

  Icky 20:33 17 Oct 2004

Is this what you were looking for

click here

  EmptyJay 20:35 17 Oct 2004

VoG - what, slower than dial-up is anyway!? Or just as slow?

  VoG II 20:41 17 Oct 2004

If you have two or more computers sharing the same dial-up connection at the same time then it will be sloooow!

  EmptyJay 20:51 17 Oct 2004

Thanks. We'll set up the network, but use dial-up seperately!

  cadley 21:20 17 Oct 2004

Up until last year I used dial with three computers attached... yes it was slower but not as much as you would think i.e. it's not three times slower, but if you want download a large file warn the others on the network!!!

  EmptyJay 21:46 17 Oct 2004

Cadley - Thanks. We may as well give it a try, and abort if it doesn't work!

  Icky 15:24 23 Feb 2005

Is this any help?
click here

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