Can I send texts from my PC to a mobile for free?

  Si_l 23:38 06 Jun 2007

Is there a program or website where I can send a text message from my PC to another persons mobile.
Please note: it must be free, as that is the whole point of asking :)


  brundle 23:44 06 Jun 2007
  Si_l 23:56 06 Jun 2007

Ta :)

  Stuartli 23:59 06 Jun 2007

Take your pick:

click here

  johnnyrocker 23:23 07 Jun 2007

i and a friend tried to send to each other neither received.


  brundle 23:47 07 Jun 2007

Worked last time I used it. I'll try it again...

  brundle 17:42 08 Jun 2007

No you're right, not working now. I used to use TMobile USA's website to send free texts to a friend over there, shame the UK providers don't provide the same service.
click here

  jarani 17:59 08 Jun 2007

bookmarked - thanks brundle - jarani

  FungusBoggieman 18:04 08 Jun 2007

click here
is anothe rgood one use it all the time
they send fast to

  Roy* 23:45 10 Jul 2007

Is there a website that can be used for texting 5 digit numbers used for voting and involve a charge. click here does not do this?

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