Can I sell on my win XP home licence (an upgrade)?

  User-BAB88571-466A-423C-B13E5937BE118A4C 21:50 03 Jun 2005

I am going to rebuild my home desktop as Linux and do away with Win XP altogether. Now that you have to activate such licences does anyone know if you can easily sell on - eg. on ebay - and if so what steps do I need to take to make sure that the software can be reinstalled again on another persons pc?


  woodchip 21:56 03 Jun 2005

It as to be a full XP System Disc and Key...... NOT A RESTORE DISC

  De Marcus 21:58 03 Jun 2005

It doesn't have to be a full disk i.e. cd, you can sell the licence on it's own so long as it's the licence to a full version of xp home that you don't use anymore and not, as woodchip suggests, a restore disk.

  woodchip 22:04 03 Jun 2005

In your thread you said Upgrade. I have a full XP Home CD and it includes Upgrade From win98se or WinME but will do a clean install. What do you have??? I don't think people would be interested in just a Key

I have XP Home Upgrade - its a boxed original CD set with the licence key instructions and everything. It is the upgrade version - ie. you need to have an older version of windows (98, 98SE or millenium) installed previously.

Do I need to make sure I have de-registered it from Microsoft in some way - eg. specifically uninstalling it? (so I can sell on to someone else).....


  DieSse 23:28 03 Jun 2005

As long as you sell it complete - there is no restrictions or problems selling it on. You do not have to inform Microsoft.

You should make out a bill of sale, so that in the unlikely event that the purchaser has a query from MS, they can provide it as evidence of ownership.

If you sell it with a CD containing SP2 (which can just be a copy of the download - and assuming it doesn't already have SP2 incorporated) - then so much the better for the purchaser.

  Border Collie 23:44 03 Jun 2005

Why not keep it a few months until you are sure Linux is OK for you?

  DieSse 23:51 03 Jun 2005

Which version are you going for?

I've been using the free download version of Xandros - it seems very nice.

I've also been a Linspire "insider" for over 3 years - the default screen display is not quite as nice as Xndros - but there are lots more programs available for download.

One thing I decided was that I wanted to ues Linux as I used Windows (which I still run - dual-booted with Xandros) - only graphically - no command line - which I've currently had no problems with doing with either of them.

  Buchan 35 22:09 04 Jun 2005

What about the Authentication label on the PC? Will that also be required for the sale?

  DieSse 22:25 04 Jun 2005

Retail copies don't have authentification labels - because they're not linked to one PC. I have a retail copy - the code is on the documentation.

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