Can I run two graphics cards ?

  Paul33 16:59 01 Dec 2010

I have a GeForce 7025 on my quad-core XP PC which I use for a lot of Photoshop based graphics work - and I have no problems with that.

However, I don't have an HDMI out on that card and I'd like to hook up to my Plasma TV on a HDMI to HDMI basis. I have an opportunity to grab a cheap GeForce 8400GS that has an HDMI out but do I replace the 7025 with the 8400 or will I lose out doing that ..... ie: will performance be at least as good with the 8400GS ?

Equally, could I instal both cards and hook my monitor up to the 7025 (as it is now) and the TV HDMI to the 8400GS ?

Sorry if its a daft question but I'm new to all this !

  Ibanez2010 17:19 01 Dec 2010

The Geforce 7025 is an onboard graphics chip whereas the 8400 is a standalone card which will be better, but it's still not that great a card in today's times.
You would use one or the other, it's not possible to use both at the same time unless you have two standalone cards and an SLI motherboard.

  GaT7 17:24 01 Dec 2010

Yes, if you buy a graphics card with at least two ports you can use it simultaneously to connect two screens: a monitor & TV.

Yes, performance with the dedicated 8400GS will be better than the integrated 7025.

When you install the 8400GS, you will only be able to use that to connect your monitor/TV. In other words, the integrated 7025 will be automatically disabled.

Where will you be getting the 8400GS from & for how much? It's just that there may be better to be had for the same price. You can also get one with Eyefinity, which supports up to 3 screens. G

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