Can I retrieve a website from the internet ?

  Blott 20:28 10 Aug 2012

I was doing the weekly editing of a website using Serif WebplusX2 website maker.

Saved the changed document as usual and nothing untoward seemed to occur, but at that stage I did not publish it to the internet.

However when I came to open the editor to do some further work the only file that opened was that of the original site - dated in 2009. I don't know what went wrong with the save, but searches of the computer find no .wpp files other than this 2009 version.

I must assume that I have lost the recently edited version.

Regards to all. Blott

But the up to date website is still on the internet.

Is there any way of retrieving the site as it is now on the internet, back into the Webplus editor ?

  Terry Brown 21:06 10 Aug 2012

I assume you have logged into your Sefif account and tried to recover it from there?

Have you contacted Serif to see if they have a back up on their servers?

Depending on the layout and program used to create the web, you may be able open the web page.Go to the top of the screen and select VIEW, then scroll down to SOURCE

Then copy it into your serif site and save it.


  Nontek 21:09 10 Aug 2012

I have absolutely no idea about how to make/edit websites, but -

If you saved your internet site into your Favorites/Bookmarks, would it then be possible to open your Webplus editor and then insert/open your internet site for further editing???

As I said, I really have no idea about this, but just a thought that to me, seems logical!

  Diemmess 21:25 10 Aug 2012

When I had a website problem I posted in Web design You might do better if you post in that forum. You could even ask FE to move your post for you.

  Woolwell 22:15 10 Aug 2012

How did you load it to the site - by ftp? If so it should be possible to download it.

  Taff™ 09:19 11 Aug 2012

I don't use Serif but there are two methods touched on by the respondents so far:

In Serif is there a way to Import a website? This will either be by imorting it directly from the internet by putting in the web address and probably the ftp details. There might also be an option in the import to import from a file location on your computer. If so:

Download Filezilla Filezilla Download Link and using your ftp credentials access the website and download everything in the folder to which Serif uploaded the website to. You may need to check in Serif under the Publish Settings what that is. (Typically the directory might be "public_html" or the actual website URL. This is usually determined by your Web Hosting ISP) Download the entire folder to your local computer in a different location to previous versions. Then try to import it back into Serif.

  Forum Editor 10:49 11 Aug 2012

This belongs in WebDesign Help, and I'm transferring it now.

  Blott 14:08 11 Aug 2012

Problem looks like solved by "Taff" , but I have learned a lot from all replies.

Thanks to all.

For Forum Editor, thnaks for transferring to correct forum. My appologies.


  Taff™ 14:36 11 Aug 2012

Looks good then? Not being an expert in web design I have had to do this too learning very quickly that backups are vital when dealing with websites.

Just out of interest, which method did you use and how close was it to the original (as you remember it) when you got it back into Serif?

  ethelbert 19:42 11 Aug 2012

Taff has given the answer that I would have. To be safe have a copy of website on the your hosts server another on your computer which you update and then upload and a backup copy on your computer too.

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